Happy Festivus!!

The Seinfeld sitdown-com program was a very fav TV program. However, I didn’t begin watching it til the last few years.

Just never had much interest to sit still in front of a tube or screen, with no participation from me other than to watch, laugh, or succumb to a brunch of losing emotions.  Or worse, be required to pay for this “privilege” to watch the usually highly-paid individuals on them.

I’m a doer – not a sitter.

However, Seinfeld was a rare one to grab & hold my interest.  I understand some don’t get the comedy. It wood bee interesting to study who gets it, and who doesn’t, beyond the age-groupings analysis.

In 1997 a well-know episode, “Festivus", aired.  And, so was birthed one of the newest holidays: FestivUS. For the resta US who may not have a holyday, not into holidays, come from the rare dysfunctional family, or just like to work, work!


December 23rd:  Happy FestivUS!!


Aka, Dba: Christmas Eve Eve.  This holiday may bee the one for you!

I didn’t wanna let yet another year go by without wishing y’all a Happy Festivus beyond just the the impotent PC, “happy holidays.”

Some suggest this pre-dates even Seinfeld. That it was actually first a custom back in ancient Rome. Well, with today’s politicians & other “leaders”, who knows what to believe is True anymore.

You can do computer searches for much deeper & wider background re this new holyday should this weblog posting stir up your festive mood.  I’ll just list the fundamentals of this solemn occasion – per Frank Costanza – if you wish to honor this holiday with respect & decorum:

  1. The Airing of Your Grievances for the Year
  2. An Erection — of an aluminum pole
  3. To demonstrate your feats of strength, — which culminates Festivus in wrestling to the ground and pinning the your head of the household


The above traditions are performed within your family or substitute family group.

I wanna concentrate on just one of the above today. You guessed it:  The airing of your grievances!!  With this tradition, once you’ve let out the transgressions it’s like a politician making promises and good lottery luck trying to shut them up or collect on their spins, I mean campaign rhetoric.

So, here’s my example of a grievance in 2009. Of course I have more than one, how can I not when I’m a part of this blogosphere and cats run loose in the world!  But, if I go beyond this first example, somebody –even a human- please stop this K9!! 


And now, just one sample grievance in Honor of the Holyday of Festivus:






Ok, there I’ve done it. Just one. I was spooked if once I begun on this dark road I woodn’t bee able to see the light to stop, without intervention!  Unfortunately, I know there are some, bloggers as one example, who once you get them started – well, God help them to stop them.


And You -  2009 a carefree or great year?  Or, did you have a grievance with something/someone or two thousand, which you wish to air here?!  Then, go for it!  Clean the air, set yourself free to be all you can be in The New Year!




oK, Gotta Get 2 a Multiple of other Stuff before the 25th. But, lemme be The 1st 2 wish y’all around the world wide blogosphere…Happy FestivUS!!





10 responses to “Happy Festivus!!

  1. Hey!!!
    grievance #1: you are blogging fast and furious these days and I’m tailing behind!

    grievance #2: where on earth did you get that grievance work sheet? Have you been 12 stepping and not telling?

    grievance #3: I distrust dogs who don’t watch TV.

    grievance #4: Festivus for the Rest of Us and a Partridge in a pear tree

    • As I was saying: Unfortunately, I know there are some, bloggers as one example, who once you get them started – well, God help them to stop them.
      Luckily, God did intervene to stop you at 4!

      PA, catch my “fast & furious” blogging while you can, cuz I plan to slow way down in ’10!

  2. I happen to like tri-parts for any festivities so any one of them is just right.
    So sorry to see the tree sign. I’m a tree hugger and I’m sure you’re a tree marker extraordinaire. I wouldn’t put you on a leash for a second. Go get ’em!
    Happy Festivus and Christmas tu yu.
    (Suckstud? for true?)

    • Thank You. PJ, when did you 1st become enamored with all things Triune? Those aren’t my markings, PJ. I just photographed someones wise words.

      Antjas, are you in Massachusetts or Canada at de moment? If you’re gonna watch me Jan 1st, I’ll either be in front of a TV or riding next to the Queens float!

  3. Ah Humbug, my back went out and I can’t participate in the “feats of strength.”

    All the best for you in the holidays and the coming year. Will watch for you on Jan 1 as the sun shines on Orange Grove and Colorado Blvds.

  4. Happy Festivus to you as well. My friends do the whole thing when they gather on Thanksgiving. We are all huge Seinfeld fans. I’m not sure what that says about me!!! I miss Cramer!

    Thanks for your visits and comments. For a canine, you’re more fun than a barrel of monkeys!! 🙂

    • Thank U, Virg. If you can’t move to Paris, then one day you need to move back here to our area. Or, as Petrea likes to quote: “Pasadena – The Paris of US” or something like that!
      Your grievance is you miss “Kramer?”

      ShSh: Thank U for the holiday greeting my Aussie Dog Lover!

  5. I loved Seinfeld too, Cafe, though I still haven’t caught up on all of the episodes. My grizzle is just the same as usual ~ people mistreating animals. If the time comes when such a thing only exists in history books, I doubt I’ll have anything much to grizzle about ~ and for problems such as that, I should pray. 🙂 Happy Festivus to you, Cafe!