Mountains of Ash, Streets of Fire.


Continuing the annual winter cleaning in prep for the “New” year. (Same as the “Old” year?) Clear more of the dry, dead brush outta my photo archives rather than leave them for yellowing, warping – not much better than fuel for flames.

Use em or lose em later, is one of my original sayings, I say. With that inspiration, let’s recall a few more images of a hot topic for some in the late summer of ‘09 – Station Fire:




Much of our mountains and national forest appeared to have been nuked beyond recognition. Certainly beyond any recreational use.



The View from Pasadena



Fire on High 









Authorities attempted to explain their actions or actions to we the people.







But, the natives were restless









 Believe it









News becomes old, and eventually the mountain engulfed the fire above. Yet, later they realize sometimes memories smolder in the streets below.





Gotta Run. Feel Heat on my Tail. Stay Hot & Thirsty My Friends.




15 responses to “Mountains of Ash, Streets of Fire.

  1. I’m reminded every time I go hiking and the longer drive I take to do so. I’m haunted by the fact that I didn’t bring my camera with me when I hiked Strawberry point the Sunday before and Red Box Switzer trail the day before. I’ll never see them as I did that week in my life time.

    • The mtns will come back, sooner or later. Some day, PA.

      Omar, live here, work in Torrance? I wunder how much time is spent on the road? I don’t have a secret spot cuz I don’t need one. And, others probably don’t wanna say cuz then it’s not a secret anylonger. So, Omar, hope & pray luck is on your side. I wood just say, think about haaving someone the day before claim your spot. Even if you have to pay the person for it, it wood still be cheaper than the $45-85 grandstand prices.

      • Time spent on the road: 30-45 minutes in morning and 55 to 1:20 hours in the afternoon. I try not to think about it too much because you are talking about 40 hours a month(!) on the road. A whole work week! However, it’s a great job with a great future and it allows me to stick around Pasadena! I have made my peace with it! As for the Rose Parade, yeah, I was thinking of paying someone right where I live. No driving or too much walking. Thanks!

  2. Great pics! I will never forget how the skies looked during those days. I work in Torrance and everyday I came home on the 110, I would see that big mushroom cloud all the way home. Hey, anyone from Pasadena got any Rose Parade viewing tips? I just checked seats and I don’t want to pay $70 for a seat! I’m also not up to camping for any long periods of time…perhaps someone knows some secret viewing spot??? I know, I’m asking for too much.

  3. Solemn, Cafe, but a timely reminder to appreciate the beauty and special things around us as often as we can, as things change ~ and sometimes go away forever. Not in this instance, fortunately ~ in time, the green will return.

    • Marg, you remind us about the goddesses around here and I’ll do the other.
      KB, yeah someone has to do it. Lettuce hope nature is able to regenerate itself sooner rather than later.
      Natalie, many of us have very short attention spans, and memories. Thanks for making another visit. Watch it! – you mite become a regular. See you sooner rather than later at a loco Cafe.

  4. Thanks, BW. I don’t know how many are gonna wanna read about this again, or recall it, or even wanna remember it.
    You’re a whole brunch better with the blog updating than I. Keep it going – so I can slow down!