Mystery Photo

I could never bee a daily photo blogger. Even if I could make a brunch of dough being a daily 9-5 blogger, it still wouldn’t bee my Dream Business. Thank God.

You see, I’m good at starting these kinda things – but bad at finishing them off. Drafts are a breeze, but finalizing a blog ends up  bogged down for…“whatever!” If only there were just one reason for this weakness.

Let us count some of de ways: lack of time for this lesser paying blogger job, preference for eating over thinking, changing of the mind, the birth of a new blog ideas, other bloggers, homo sapiens, no luxury of an editor like the other bloggers have, etc.  Ok, that’s enuf. 

The difficult thing about days is that they must be repeated.  So, on my way to posting a particular topic for this day, I instead dead-ended there and made a U-turn at another post.

This one. A couple of questions come attached to this.


Where are we? And what’s a going down south here??

The first canine, uh, or person as well, who comes up with the answer will win a fabulous prize from the City of Pasadena PIO!!


Oooooh, I’m sorry, sorry!!  Tell them hikers to hold em up a minute. I take that back. I’m just back from visiting the PIO’s blog and her words are still stuck in my middle brain.  The little problem is I forgot to clear just two words above with the PIO first: fabulous prize.  Skip it. Lettuce keep it simple and do it for the luv of the sport instead:

Anyhows, where? and what? is enuf.

Any good ideas?  I have faith in you…at least a few of you.

My only hint is this isn’t anywhere near the badlands of Fair Oaks: in Altadena, or Old Town with its tourists/consumers. So, you can breathe deeply & easily as you think.




While you’re thinking. I’m gonna be sleeping. So, gotta run. Stay Thirsty My Friends!




17 responses to “Mystery Photo

  1. I took my better half for cheesesteaks tonight, followed by a sightseeing tour of the Balian house and Hastings Ranch. On the way back my guess was reinforced. I’m thinking westbound on SM Blvd just east of PHS, and they’re putting up the fences and Tourney of Roses banners on the lampposts.

    • Pulled Porker, good to know you took a special trip to ck it out. Your guess is as good as all the others together, so you may as well be declared the victor! Although, this pic is way before the fences/banners the ToR just put up the other day. To to victor go the congrats.

  2. That’s a tough one. I think Shell must be correct.

    I have a preference for thinking over eating, which J says is a problem. I don’t have the luxury of an editor, unless you’re talking about self-editing, which is also a problem.

  3. They are in Pasadena, and they are trying to get a better view so they can see where the large, unleashed k9 is headed, last seen following the scent of dogbone macarons…