Sign, Sign – Everywhere a Sign!

Hu man, am I glad the last work week is over. I don’t know what I want, but I know it’s not that kinda week again! I could take the rest of the month off for rest, relaxation,…or just sleep.

Besides my professional stuff, I somehow always get myself in trouble with all sorts of other “volunteer” stuff. 

In fact, my good “friend” – Ann dePIO – regularly throws out bait attached to tempting lines such as these, hoping I’ll bite: “Looking for something To Do?”  No, PIO. I’m Looking for something To Eat!!

Another foodie friend, Altadena’s favorite Susan, just last week suddenly thought I wood bee grrrreat as the Rose Queen & Court’s photographer!

See. Entrapments are set everywhere to make you work & feel weak.  What’s a dog to do when the homo sapien gets outta control? I guess nobody wants to hear the truth.

And, friends wunder why I need an assistant. If ever I could use my wunderful assistant it’s in hard times like this.  Now that you mention it – where in the world is she? Yeah, good question. Where is her invaluable help when I’m most in need!?  I wood even buy her an In N Out burger (w/o cheeze)!! The most loving thing a K9 can do is to share your food with someone.  It’s very sweet. It’s very savory. It’s what the whole world should do.  


Can it be? The road to peace on earth may have been through a persons stomach?!




But, I digest.

With my non-luck, my teammate is probably living a life of leisure & pleasure traveling around the world, playing silly games, and feasting on deliciously sinful foods as she goes!  Not a care in the world. 

Meanwhile back here at home, I’ve been working my tail off. Not to mention, it’s been pouring cats & humans on my doghouse.  Who stopped the rain?


Yet, neither rain, blogger, cold, or cat, will impede this fall holyday season. It just races right along breaking speed records as it devours all in its hiking paths & trails.

Just one example of “where have I been?, what’s going on?”  I looked out my window just a couple daze ago and this is the latest view from Pasadena:





What’s going on?

Hey, wasn’t it just recently I saw only this, before  ThanksGiving?:





Can’t you read the Sign(s)?

Oh wow…No, already?  But, I’ve only just finished off my candy from Halloween! 

Haven’t even started on my ThanksGiving leftovers!!  Thanks.

And, Christmas Shopping?  Black Friday is, what…this Friday isn’t it? Yes! Nyet?!

The counting down to the next major holiday frenzy. This end of year season begins & ends way too easy & quickly.


What’s the date? What year or month is this??

And now, This?  2010 ready or not here it is?!

Lemme see, then the next major holiday wood bee in February, Valentines Day. Right?  A big red heart should be showing up on these poles anytime now. Don’t wanna miss these weekly holidays.

Must be this K9 is just behind the times. Much too fast is post post-modern life.  A life without real, not temporal, meaning if only becuz of the speed of life.

My only solution may bee to cover these holiday and other special events ahead of time.  This way I won’t be late with my coverage. For example, the BCS National college football championship game is supposed to be played here at The Rose Bowl on January 7, 2010. So major events don’t outrun me, I may just report the game results a day or two ahead.

Yeah. That’s seems like a great solution. Better early than late, right?! Major events & this major blog will then always be In Sync!

This reminds me, just a bit, of our capitol building in Washington DC.  As constituents we can request from “our” Congressional representative  a flag which has flown over the capitol. You have to know they get countless requests for these (still free?) flags. But since there are only 365 daze per year the only way to meet the demand is to spin the truth: flags are hurriedly hoisted up the capitol flagpole. And, then brought right down just seconds later!  So, politicians can legally say, “this flag flew over The Capitol Building in Washington DC!!” 















Hear some of you now. What de hell is that pure mutt barking about now!  Sista, bro, everybody thinks I’m wrong. Oh, but who are they to judge us K9’s, simply because our tail is long.  Oh wow, you know we gotta find a way to bring some lovin’ in this world today.

In the mean time-just believe. It’s a wunderful world. Right on baby.



Despite the high pay this blogger reporter job demands, it’s beginning to wear on my stomach. Starvation.  It’s Cold. Chilly.  It’s been Rainy. Dark. Weather made for some hot, light, juicy, spicy, comfort soup!  Maybe Tummy Yummy Thai Soup.  So,..


Gotta run. Gotta get me some Thai today! Stay Warm & Thirsty, My Friends. 




11 responses to “Sign, Sign – Everywhere a Sign!

  1. Wait a minute! In your response to Paula’s comment you say that you’re headed for a monastery of nuns! What about your blogger monk friend? We’re always looking for new members. But you know, you can’t come for just a couple of have to stay….but, you can keep blogging.

    • Thanks, Margaret. I like our change of seasons as well. The reason 4 de season, as they say from olden day. The blue sky is actually a photo trick I thin I learned from So Pasa LA!
      ShSh: it’s good to see one of my lovers of the dog visiting this K9! Who says it doesn’t snow in So Calif!?

    • Whaatt? But, PA, I’ve always depended upon you whenever I needed to resupply my “creative” stash.

      I gave my last chunk of nature to Queen Natalie last week. Told her it was sure to bring at least one of us luck.

  2. I do have a nice camera. You’re a busy Canine, so many events to oversee and report on! Just remember to wear your press credentials – and don’t bite anyone.

    • Don’t worry Pensacola Paula – I don’t bite just anyone.
      It’s also nice to have you back blogging after your sabbatical! You’re fotos have always been wunderfu!

      I’m probably gonna hang up this blogging in a month or two for a few months or more to go on my own sabbatical. Or, maybe just cloister myself up in a dewy monastery, with nuns, for at least a few months. I don’t know about Pensacola FL, but luckily here we have plenty of blogger’s who will allow me time to relax.