The Rose Queen & I

Dunno how the format of this particular post is gonna come out, but I do know it’s about time I posted something new. Therefore, after Thanksgiving without further delay I decided to head back into Pasadena a day early to see Queen – Live!!

One Colorado in Old Town was having their Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.  Plus, the new Rose Court might make one of their very first public appearances.  Didn’t feel like doing anything so cruising down the boulevard seemed lazy enuf for me to check out.

Besides, I might get to tell Santa Claus what I wanted. The gift I really wanted from this event wood bee a good seat for a decent photo of the new Queen or her Princesses.  However, with my great non-luck I’d probably just have to settle for a weekend matinee to catch a movie I’ve never seen – if they let canines inside.

(Only later did I realize how much Thanksgiving lag I was under.  Didn’t I know I was volunteering for a tour of duty by going 1) into Old Town, 2) on a weekend night!, and 3) into a mass of people?!)






Arrived just at 6pm when all the festivities up on the stage immediately began.  Already I felt dead on arrival. The courtyard was packed with people, shoulder to shoulder. Many were also packing cameras. smile_sniff    And, no vacancies near the stage meant no good fotos!







Oh well, I thought, that’s another fine mess my naive mind got me into.  Where is my mind?, Where is my mind? Where?



In fact, the best view of the stage for most wood bee by turning their backs to the stage to look at the large screen on the wall across it! (Pictured, Larry Wilson)



Nevertheless, I knew if I was gonna salvage decent shots of anyone besides my fellow crowd members my mission, should I decide to accept, wood bee to take a position near the stage as possible. 


Rose Queen addresses her subjects




A Rose Princess leads in singing a Christmas Carol or three


Ok, closer. Except, it seems I still have the Queen above me caged behind bars.






A crowded view down below






Then, Santa made his annual appearance. In fact, unbeknownst to me I was right in his path as he pranced off the stage down into the mass of humanity.


























Well, I finally  got up on stage, or at least a corner of it. Somehow! Luck is an ally tonite. Marshall’s school choir sounded & looked good even from the rear.









Hey girls! You’re in the way of the pro photographers. (And, this pt & shooter too!!)    “What??”  Oh…,this is the Rose Court. Oops, sorry. Block our my view all you want. But, why is everyone just standing around in this chilly nite? Let’s get some action so I can get outta Old Town!


















I tried to sneak into a front & center position with the professional’s, but one of the pros (above) had the same idea at the exact time!  Well, maybe it’s best I remain to the side else I be discovered (“Hey! There’s a dog up here – get him!!”).   Ok, the choir director also had his own idea of front & center. “I’m trying to get some shots of the royalty, please!”    I wunder how many more earnest smiles these young ladies can squeeze out for another month.






The lighting where the Rose Court were poses on the stage wasn’t exactly royal. Still, if it’s good enuf for the professional clickers then I was glad to be the only pt & shooter up on stage among the telescopes taking shots.






















I wood bee satisfied if my only Christmas gift was a smile just half as wunderful as these young ladies.  Of course, these girls  have a brunch of practice smiling – already they’ve probably had  a minimum of half a million photos taken of them.



















I’ve been very impressed by the last two Rose Queens in particular: Queen Courtney, another foodie, who is now at USC, and now Queen Natalie & her court of Princesses.  I pray that this was just the beginning of even bigger things in their lives.


Well, I was blessed with a touch of luck to get on stage that nite.  As my good buddy Petrea wood say, it was getting “chilly” out there.  In which case, I headed outta Old Town and into a heater!



Gotta backblog of postings I gotta hope beyond reason to get up before this year is history. Stay thirsty and warm my friends!




24 responses to “The Rose Queen & I

    • Chef Dez, you better pay attention to this blog! (Ahem, you mean her royal Princess Ashley Thaxton? Who I believe lead the singing of Christmas carols!)
      Susan, thank you but don’t give me any ideas! I have a weakness when it comes to saying No! to stuff I should keep my big dog nose out of.

    • We’re all glad you’re back, Bec! I should have mentioned to you the official Pasadena City tree lighting at Citihall on the 8th. You could’ve made that one. I should post some pre-events, not just post-event coverage on my site.
      Now, what’s 2 Eat?!!

  1. Looks like so much fun. I wish I knew about the tree lighting ceremony; would have gone for sure. Oh well, one of these days we will finally meet!

    • JH, it was fun, unless you’re not an official shutterbug trying to get some pics!
      Yeah, sometimes I gotta use this blog to get the word out on some Pasadena goings-on before they happen rather than simply report post-event! In fact, there was another Christmas ceremony this past Tuesday: the official city Christmas Tree Lighting at Citihall!

      We will meet over food, 1 day. Until then, JH, keep working in your great-smelling kitchen!

  2. Pasadena at it’s best! You did great with the post (what did you mean by you didn’t know how it was going to turn out??!) Aren’t they wonderful young women. Love your photos of the tree too. Dazzling all around. The one of the loving mom is wonderful too.

    Melissa Young who graduated from Franklin High in Highland Park in 1976 (same as me) and was probably the most popular girl there, was a princess in 1979. – she is on the far right. Interesting how full the late ’70s hairdo’s were.

    Thanks for all your recent comments – no, I did not get a new/better camera; but I’m glad my photos are getting better. But don’t be disappointed if I cannot keep the new standard going! The photo of my son in the far airplane was taken not by me, but by a student pilot in the adjacent glider with his cell phone (can you believe it!). I didn’t want to publish his name without permission so I gave credit to the soaring school.

    I’m still looking for a good PV meal & review to post. I should be able to by the end of the year, but it definitely will NOT be of waffles.

    Take care, wish you many good meals this holiday season.

    • nT: Thanks, but lately your pics are much better!
      What I meant by “turn out” is the formatting for this particular post. Depending on the computer and/or browser I viewed, this posting looked either good or like just a 1st draft. So, if it looks bad to you, know it may look great on a different computer.

      (Didn’t you go to SPHS?)
      I think I’m receiving a very subtle food reminder from you! We gotta find a good RPV meal to review b4 the year is history. How’s this month look for you?

    • KCher: Thanks, but I can see your as long-winded as ever.
      PA: I wunder how you knew that?! And, I wunder who wood let em loose??! Just askin…
      It’s also gratifying to see you were able to free yourself from The Feral and seek shelter over here with woman’s best friend, and Santa.

  3. It took me a moment to get the gist of which Queens and Roses you were talking about, not being so familiar with such traditions. But thanks for your excellent roving reporting, Cafe, I feel somewhat wiser and almost like I was there!

    • That’s understandable, ShSh. You’re way down under down where you live & create your art. But, basically here in Pasadena we have a local parade officially called The Tournament of Roses. It’s Pasadena’s way of beginning the New Year. Over the years it’s become quite a big thing in our parts. Each year local girls vie to be Queen & Princesses of the Parade.
      If you ever find yourself in Pasadena on New Year’s Day, that wood bee a great event for your artistry to capture!

  4. Hey pup, nice job. I was glad when you got to the Queen and her court!! They look like they’re enjoying themselves and everyone else looked cold! (Well, that’s how I interpret it anyway.) Oh except the young mom and her cherub, they were having a nice time. That’s my favorite shot, what a sweet one. Glad you sniffed it out.

    • PDP, it’s gonna bee even colder tonite! The young mother & child pic was luck. I didn’t realize what I had as I was shooting the scene.
      FA: I rarely go to our Rose Parade. I love it but, I’m too lazy & in love with my warm bed.
      Marg, me sing? My only chance wood bee to bark it.

  5. Hey CP, sometimes we just have to endure these things so we can say that we’ve done them, at least once. That’s the way I feel about the Rose Parade – glad to say that I did it once, but, I have no desire to do it again. It’s great that your perseverance paid off with some pretty nice pictures.

    • KB, I take it RED is not your favorite colour?
      Antjas, thanks for the compliment but my camera was acting up that nite. Are you in Canada at the moment, or Massachusetts? Since you lived right on the parade portion of Orange Grove, you must have some stories and pics to show & tell! (You can bore me anytime!)

  6. I’m really impressed by all these photos, as I would have thought all you could see from ground level were legs and bottoms! I’m sure you got your tail pulled and stepped on a few times as well.
    When I was a wee child way up in Canada, I used to think as I watched the parade every January 1, how very far away California was.
    Then lo and behold, I end up living on Orange Grove Boulevard right where the parade begins! But, the first year I got snowed-in in Chicago New Year’s Eve and missed the whole thing. It wasn’t a total loss as Mohamed Ali was also on that plane and we all got his autograph. Then, back in the mid-80s, I actually knew one of the princesses.
    Now that I’ve bored you with more than you ever wanted to know, I hope you have a lovely day.