Eat My Blog!!


YOU, in particular.


In fact, I had better hurry up to go myself & get this post up, else my friends think I’m a lazy dog. HoHoHo!

Some of our food bloggers, those whose blogs are dedicated to the single subject of food, in our L.A. area are having a charity event this Saturday, December 5th.

Eat My Blog! is the name of what is hoped will be just the 1st of an annual charity bake sale event!  It’s the brainbaby of one of my most favorite of food bloggers, Cathy de Gastronomer.  She is a charitable sweetheart of a girl.  I’ve been fortunate enuf to find some time in my busy schedule to check out a couple of restaurants with her and her fiancé, Vernon de Astronomer.  Both live in Pasadena with connections to PCC and Cal Tech.  So, you can see why they are so educated when it comes to food!

Cathy and her assistants have stuffed a turkey full of time & effort into this event in a very short time.  It’s their way for blog readers to finally taste some of what they’ve been looking at, and most importantly, an opportunity to give back to a hungry community.  Here are the basics:

EatMyBlog Postcard Med A

The whole idea is to bring to life some of the bakery goodies you only see pictured in food blogs. Food blogger’s will recreate these items so you can buy & taste, and support a worthy cause while sweetening your taste buds. What cause?  The Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.   All proceeds will be donated to the foodbank. During this repression foodbanks are starving for assistance so they can then serve those who worry where their next meal will come from!

Most of the sweet items offered are in the menu below. Expect more choices come Saturday.  If I can wake myself up early, I wood wanna run over to West Hollywood in the morning.  If by chance you were gonna be near those parts anyway, then make a point of making a little turn toward this tasty event.  Recommend you get there early for the best selection!

Menu-Org A



“Ok, and what about the price?”   This should be enticing stuff:  Can you believe the plan is sell each item in the $1 – $3 range! That sounds like tasty stuff!!  But, if you wanna donate extra, then bless you!

If you need more info the Gastronomer’s food blog has it.  However, here are just a few of the food blogger’s, turned bakers, contributing their sweets for your teeth:

  • Pasadenan Cathy de founder & Gastronomer, of course
  • Laurie, another Pasadenan, and designer of the official EMB logo. She’s doing her special Pennsylvanian “Whoopie Pies” & has warned me to be early or be sorry when they’re gone!
  • The LA Times Food Blogger’s
  • South Pasadena’s Pat of Eating LA, and a contributor to my fav foodie guide, Eat LA.
  • Erica of LA Weekly’s SquidInk food blog


Bakers & Eaters. A match created in Heaven.


I sincerely wish I had been less busy, and lazy, the last month so I could’ve done more for this event, to have gotten the word out to even more of our delicious food blogger’s out in our local area.  So, let’s give support to this charitable effort to help the LA Regional Foodbank, taste what you’ve only seen in blogs, and make this a success that leads to another, even bigger Eat My Blog next year! 


As much as enjoy writing & thinking about good restaurants & great food, I much prefer eating it!  Oh wow!, I hope & pray I can wake up early Saturday to get down there. Monk FA up in your monastery – pray for me in my day of need!

oK, gotta get outta here! I’m Sweet Dreaming of a Carb Christmas



16 responses to “Eat My Blog!!

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    • Well, thank you, for introducing me to your lovely Kim. I’m happy for both of you. I just hope we can get her living in the same city as you – at least by the time you guys are married!!

      It was great to see you again.
      I think you found a good p/t job on Sat (Hohoho!)

  2. Hey CP, prayers on the way – today and everyday!

    This sounds like a great event. I hope you made it down early. There seems to be a trend with bacon desserts. Interesting. I like bacon more than the next guy, but not in my chocolate.

    • Monk FA, it’s always comforting to know I have a monastery praying for me down here bcuz I did make it back there! This has been a weird pork & bacon year here in our loco blogosphere.

      Sista KB, thanks always for your support, and it goes w/o saying – your prayers!

    • PA, I think MH only posted her pie yesterday. Besides, you saw my reply below to Dez.
      Virg: “clock?” Isn’t that some form of time-keeping from the last century? Getting you a Whoopie pie is extra motivation for gettin me up and out there.
      ShSh: thanks. It’s done for all those who can’t afford their own food at a down time in their life.

  3. I will attempt to not feel snubbed by the fact I was snubbed. On the other hand, it sounds like a worthy cause. And I love Zeke’s (in Montrose)
    If you go let us know how it turned out!

    • Restless Dez, try not to feel personally snubbed. This just came about so fast, then I got busy in the mundane world where I actually get paid more than by this blog. I pretty much dropped the ball on getting the word out to everyone. Even this post is at the last minute. It wood have been heaven to have your lemon bars, as one example, at this event!

  4. What a fantastic idea! Sorry I can’t be there to buy some treats and donate to a great cause ~ all the best and Cafe, I shall will you on to rise and shine early that day! Good on you for telling us all, and good on those who are baking up a storm.

    • Where have you been A?? You can make it. It’s just a short flight. You don’t even have to cross water!
      Cathy, I almost totally forgot & did zero on this! Most of the Thanks giving has to go to YOU! What you’ve done in such a short time is breathtaking.