Wait! It’s Thanks Giving Time!!

Aaah, de Holydays are here, again! 

This dog has eaten, “celebrated”, and now feels more stuffed than any turkey! (the travels a dog will endure for a decent meal!) Now that this latest holiday is over let me reserve some time to update this blog with a post catered to ThanksGiving 2009. 




Seems like each month we have a major & several minor holidays.  Each commemorating something “special.”  Although we celebrate them in the usual way:

  1. Take a day off to make it a 4 or more day weekend
  2. Gather with friends and/or family
  3. Get in lines or crowds
  4. Spend or eat dough we can’t afford
  5. Watch sporting events
  6. Eat & Drink – more. Turkey, sweets, sugar, fat, etc., and gain more weight
  7. Shop til you drop or go bankrupt
  8. Or, just ignore it, period! Etc, etc.


I’m gonna break with these time honored traditions and commemorate this Thanksgiving holiday in an unusual way by:


Giving Thanks!

I notice when we give thanks on this holiday mostly it’s to give thanks for something rather than to a person. Although, I assume our intention is to always include people.  So, this tradition violator is gonna break yet another by giving thanks toooo…people! 

My list of people to be thankful to this year is unending.  To keep this posting “short” I’m gonna limit these “thank you’s”  to a few of my online friends.  How I met most of these people, I don’t recall.

Time will further restrict the handouts of the ‘thank you’s” to my current group of small but dependable band of regular commenter’s. These homo-sapiens take the time to both visit and make comments on at least one-half of my postings re my blog profundity. (profanity? I’m a canine – bark is my 1st language).  Anywhichows, I will take the time here to make a few comments about them: 

Liz de PA:  My earliest experience with the artist formerly known as Palm Axis was to bring her to the heights of ecstasy by saving one of her bank accounts from a probable online scam.  Later, I would piss her off with my profound commentaries.  Politician, I could never be.

Thank you, PA,  for your weekly trash pickups, creative writings (you must’ve been good at term papers) & your artistic understanding of the way of the K9.


KB de ADHiker: We first met on a hike, of course, among some of the old-growth houses of Pasadena. She began laughing at all my “material.” I realized then, KB was gonna explode in a vomit of laughter if I didn’t immediately reduce my humor intensity a notch down to zero. 

I have been smiling, or at least laughing, at her blog journaling ever since.  She is the live-in servant to two dogs, and a horse, so you gotta love her. I have sampled lots of bloggers and you don’t really know what you’ve got until you’ve…with her; How true. So, KB deserves to be the most popular girl in our area!

Thank you, KB, for spreading the humor around during this repressionary period.

FA de Monk: A monk locked up in a Monastery in the cold & harshness of northern California.  He uncloisters the otherwise cloistered, secretive world of monastery life we’ve long heard whisperings about from ancient texts.  Great photos & thought.  I’m not sure exactly what else he does except it appears to be all the work the other monks can get him to do.  He also used to be a southern Californian, so you just know he wood trade northern life in a minute to come back to sunny weather, openness & freedom of life down here in the south.

Thanks, FA, for your prayers and peak inside the monastic world!

Restless Chef Dez:  Finnegan probably is implicated in my discovering of The Restless One. First  & only meeting was briefly at our Altadena Potluck back in the spring. Desiree has a constant Desire to cook or eat, which I much appreciate.

Thanks, RCD, for your food postings, and thanks for hanging around regularly with your comments.  Btw, no one looks better at a 100 than her.

Justin de Immovable Eater:  We share a love of food.  Actually, I think love sometimes has nothing to do with some of the things he’ll chow down. 

Thanks, J, for your regular comments and great blog on a favorite subject!

Ann Erdman dePio: Anyone who gives me fabulous gifts/prizes, not just once, has to be Thanked! – even if she had never left a comment on my site.  She is currently working on a major, long-running blogger project. If she ever completes it, it may end up being her major accomplishment in Pasadena.  I like to occasionally check up on her work in progress. 2010?! 

PIO, thanks for da makin us feel like we know like what’s ah happenin in this city, for making me feel like a city historian (hoho), for your kindness, and for being “one of us.”  (Are you still at work in your Citihall office?!)

Goddess of the Sweet Tooth: Margaret. First met MF at our blogger Breakfast/DooDahParade gathering in January.  Since then I’ve caught her chowing down in the dark corners of numerous restaurants, and bakeries such as EuroPane! Somehow, I’ve found myself reading each of her blog writings.

Thank You, MF, for your humor, humility, shared love of food, devoted comments, and service to your own dog master. You write like a goddess.

Shanna deArtist of Views: Part of the infamous So Pasa Laurie clan reaching back to last century Texas. The Photog of Sky Views, Teacher, Shutterbug, Painter, Artist, but most importantly: regular Commenter of this blog!  Accomplished is an understatement. Yet with all that, probably her major accomplishment to date: a past winner of my most prestigious & fabulous blog prize!!   How many blogger’s can say that!

Thank you, SG, for your regular devotion to my blog profundity, understanding, and for making me look up at the clouds and see the heavens.

Shell Sherree dePainter: a pretty, positive looking French-Aussie themed blog.  Just one look at her blog brings a smile on an overcast day. ShSh can transform the basic into the special.  She has a unique way with colors. Don’t know what it is.

Thank You, ShSh, for brightening my day with your every blog postings, for your love of cafes and the macaron, and devotion to checking out my own blog.


These are the few, the proud, the regulars, the people who I can pick up the phone at 3am and know they will get out of their bed, or anyone else’s,  and be there for me!!: The Commenters!  Up til now, all they’ve asked is that I remember them when I come into my lottery winnings.


Of course, there are many more others in my online family I could thank, who while they may visit often, choose not to leave a comment and therefore I know not of them.


And then there is yet another brunch who I do know something about, maybe don’t leave a brunch of comments, yet I know they are listening to my every bark.  Here is just a tiny sample of these people who I appreciate and could heap praises and thank you’s onto:

Irina: A wunderful Pasadena realtor, foodie, and more. One of the hardest working Pasadenan’s online.  How she does it when I have more than I can handle with this one website is a real miracle.  I owe her, and myself, some online work!  You have to be a people person to be most successful in her line of work.  With me around, she’s obviously also a K9 person.

One of Irina’s many wunderful websites won national recognition this year! I said she is wunderful: Well, Irina said I shared in her award.  No way. My contribution was only 1% of her work – Realty (or, Really?).

Then there is that lovely couple, our two tireless daily photo bloggers, biker Ben & the renaissance woman & my online conscience Petrea, who blog 24/7 to allow the resta us some days of rest and nights of pleasure between our own blog postings.

Last but certainly not least is CDB, aka, Colleen Dunn Bates: A hometown Pasadena foodie who works infinitely harder than I wood even want to imagine. Thank you for, just as one example, accepting my invitation to eat & speak at our January blog gathering in Old Town and publishing the Eat L.A. foodie guide. 

Basically, everyone you see on my blogrolls (and more) deserve my thanks. Forgive me if I didn’t specifically mention you today. I’m a lazy dog. But, you know who you are! I appreciate reading your websites more than my own.  I consider y’all my online betters.

Next Thanksgiving I may devote something about my irregulars. So truly, you aren’t forgotten.


I appreciate an attitude of gratitude. And with that, some of my staff at de Cafe Pasadena toast you all!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=friendship&iid=5063148″ src=”0/5/f/1/Group_of_friends_3be7.jpg?adImageId=7873773&imageId=5063148″ width=”380″ height=”261″ /]



Since Thanksgiving Eve night when I passed a pizza parlour in San Marino, I’ve had cravings for an untraditional ThanksGiving Pizza. So, on this The Day After I…


Gotta Take Off. Gotta Eat!  Thanks Y’al!




18 responses to “Wait! It’s Thanks Giving Time!!

  1. Wow! I am honored and humbled at your kind words! Thanks for including me in your blog roll of thanks. What started out as a little hobby – to distract me from all my duties and chores – has become an important part of what I do. I am amazed at the new blogging friends I have accumulated in such a short time – and what great people (such as yourself) they are! I, too, am grateful that these generous souls have allowed me into their world and are actually interested in what I have to offer.

    With that said, YES, I would move back to Southern California in a minute. And in fact, I am. I will be blogging about this soon. But, I am being transferred to one of our monasteries in the Inland Empire on January 1. Okay, it’s not Long Beach. But, it is “home” soil and sunshine. This monastery is a house of ministry, so my life will be a little more active with ministry, rather than work in the cloister. Stay tuned….I will be continue posting about this other side of monastic life. Thanks again and please know that the prayers continue for my blogging friends no matter where I am stationed.

    • Well, I am honored & humbled that anyone wants to read my blog! I would blog even if no one visited, but knowing people visit alerts me to update this Cafe more frequently than otherwise.

      FA, you are indeed bringing The Good News with your move to a monastery down in So Calif! (Do your superiors know about that??)

  2. How nice of you to include me, Mike. I am very thankful for our Pasadena-area blogging community and for all of you making me feel so welcome when I first ventured into this medium. I feel like I have made lifelong friends as a result!

    • PIO, how could I not include you in my select group. See what gifts will buy you!
      PA, I don’t think I look like de Huckleberry hound. (You weren’t ecstatic??. You women are such good fakers!! I’m tryin to bee PC, PA!)
      SG, yeah, I am too!
      Thanks for your devotion, everyone!

  3. Tis all nearly true!
    Huckleberry Hound used his fine sense of smell to steer me away from being defrauded by the Russian Mafia via an internet con. I can’t say that “heights of ecstasy were reached” although that would have been ok too.

    I’m sure you will piss me off at a future date. Politicians we both aren’t

    AH: try Tony’s

  4. Thank you so very, very much for including me! I am truly amazed that I have held your attention with one simple subject – the sky and the clouds – and all photos taken from right here.

    Nothing is more gratifying to artists than having people see through their eyes!

    Thanks again, Cafe!

  5. Great post, I like the way you thank people instead of a vague something. The photo is nice, too — looks like fun. I agree, too, that the best way to show appreciation is to show gratitude. I love your blog, I’m just a Cafe Pasadena Newbie. Thanks for visiting mine. Ashley will love to hear about all this!

    • Heather, like you I’m appreciative. We’ll try to get together & eat before the year is out. (I’ve said that so ofter this year to so many!)
      ShSh, “ChuF ” is a very, very interesting choice of word. I’m assuming you’re taking/meaning it in the most positive, pleasurable sense! What did you have on your pizza?

      • But of course, Cafe ~ “chuffed” is one of my favourite words and always used in a complimentary fashion. 🙂 I was hoping you wouldn’t ask about the pizza ~ a disappointment, really ~ a mediterranean one but too heavy on the spicy tomato and not enough of the fun stuff. On the lookout for a better one next time!

  6. Well, I am beyond chuffed, Cafe Pasadena. Thank you so very much for thinking of me, and I had a grand chuckle at your ruminations! I love visiting you here, and your visits over at my place. You’re a far-from-lazy puppy. And guess what? We ate Pizza last night!

    • Restless Dez: giddy, nimble, & alert I suppose should describe you. Now, get bak in the kitchen!
      nT: I rarely eat cheese unless it’s pizza. I will always remember y’all whenever I win, from whichever island I’ll bee living on.
      MF, humble as a bumble bee. Don’t let Petrea see you blushin’.
      KB, well, of course: I’m woman’s best-friend after all. How many Shakeys type joints can there bee in SanM??

  7. Pizza does sound good about now! With pepperoni and mushrooms and extra cheese. Lots a cheese. (I’m not sure you’ve heard, but dogs cannot digest turkey…so Amy gets none … any more.)

    Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one. Those are nice words about great blogger friends. (And don’t forget me when you win the lottery.) nT of RPV