Have YOU Voted??

Alright, someone told me Thanksgiving is still up ahead.  It didn’t sneak past me while I was buzy eating.

And next – Black Friday. For some type of readers this is your BIGGEST holiday of the season!!!

Wunderful then! I’m thankful, I think…

Yet, for this writer I wouldn’t mind missing at least one major holiday annually.  A holiday or a vacation should include, IMHO,  friends/family of course, pleasure, rest, relaxation, a day at the cafe, or just doing a rare NOTHING for a day during the year!

However, too often a holiday or vacation is defined as:

  • Travel time
  • Extra expen$e$
  • Unfamiliar surroundings
  • People you either don’t know, don’t wanna know, or at least know more than enuf already!
  • Many little children spreading their giant voices far & near to you
  • Having to usually be “ON”
  • Be an unpaid actor: “Oh, of course everything is just fine & happy. What repression??”  Smiling at people who behave like they don’t wanna know you
  • Planning & trying to remember all the many things you must memorize to bring you the excitement or thrill of a holiday
  • Waiting lines with crowds of people who are “enjoying” their vacation or holiday
  • What lines? What travel time?  Airports, train stations, bus depots, oh, and the old reliable – bumper to bumper traffic
  • Looking for luggage, looking for transportation at your destination, looking for the lost and found, et.. It’s all there in your Shangri-La La Land where ever you’re headed
  • I can go on. In other words, we can often define these periods as more expensive than just your pocketbook,  & stressful.

Therefore, if you were to tell me I could just sleep in late & lazy around doing a brunch of nothing, well, wow! that alone wood be tempting enuf for me to wanna call in sick to some holiday  gathering!

I would love to just have a vacation from one of these major holidays on occasion.  Don’t have to do anything, don’t have to wake up & get spruced up, don’t have to go anywhere. I can do what I want, when, where & how I want. Just be the busy bee doing the lazy.  What would ya call that?  Vacation or Holiday is what I’d call it!

Wow, look at this. I’ve already typed up here more time into this subject than I planned!

Native Americans and pilgrims at meal

Let’s just get down to the bottom line. Have YOU voted…re the Thanksgiving question?? (If you want to write in your vote instead (leave a comment) as well,  go ahead.)

Gotta run. Hope I gotta a brunch of sweet nothings to do one day.



24 responses to “Have YOU Voted??

    • Thanks, PDP. It’s good to know I have another follower cares about feeding the animals; in particular this dog.

      Joe of Chicago? Any of these video actors your Illinois’ relatives?

    • Two visits in a single day? To the same posting!?
      P, you must have been starving today! But, you know where the meat is online. You’ve always known where’s the beef!

  1. Great post, Cafe.

    We slept in, spent the day with friends and did “other” as well: a lot of freeway driving. Your idea sounds better. The pressure to have a traditional “happy holiday” is not of my own devising, but if I want it removed that’s my responsibility.

  2. Interesting read…and you’ve captured the “spirit” of the modern holiday (sadly). I am grateful that we in the monastery stay home, have a free day and cook our dinner (we don’t get to sleep in, though – our prayer schedule continues).

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I try not to think of all my duties and responsibilities or I would be overwhelmed.

    • FA, sounds like you monks have it EZ up in the monastery! Pray for us down here!!

      Well, voting has closed. All precincts have reported. It looks like my fav way of celebrating a holiday has come in 1st place: Sleep In Late!!
      Obviously, I have many sympathizers in the area who wood bee just as happy with their vacation or holiday if all they got to do was sleep late, do nothing, don’t worry, and just be happy! That’s what I call a vacation or holiday!!

    • PA, I might get to SG’s 1st. In which case there probably won’t bee any pie leftover-except the leftovers.
      SG, oh, wow! Then I need a little Shanna time! I envy you.

  3. What you describe as your ideal holiday is what we refer to as “Shanna Time”.

    I voted to sleep in. Christmas is my exception. I seem to have turned Shanna Time into a blog. I watch the sky dreamily. Then somehow get some photos. and voila! It looks as though I’ve been working.

    We have restaurant reservations fot T-day dinner that evening. But I will bake a pie. No store bought or restaurant pumpkin pie is as good as mine.

    • Dez, really? You sound restless.
      Ann dePio: I figured this post wood attract you over here. I’m guessing you’re going south down the hill-SDiego way?
      PA, your holiday agenda is driving me dizzy. But, I really hope one day I can have my ideal holiday.
      Jana: All India might bee my fav Indian (Akbar is good too) in Pasadena. Do they have a special ThanksGiving menu?? I will try my ideal holiday one time, sooner or later. Maybe, if the food is great, I’ll join you guys instead!!

  4. I voted! Visiting family in another region but not out of state. Here’s what I’m thankful for: a family that’s not completely crazy — we actually enjoy each other’s company on holidays, even with all the hubbub in the kitchen and the competing activities.

  5. morning: visit a friend in Eagle Rock I haven’t seen in a year

    afternoon: Ramona’s home with Sister/Mate, Aunt Wilma/Ex George, Me/Mate and brother (maybe)

    Evening: walk Santa Anita Canyon to a city viewpoint

    sweet dreams on your sleep in

  6. the last few years my honey and i have started our own holiday tradition…sleeping in late and going to All India Cafe for dinner…just the two of us.

    nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a feast of makhni paneer, palak paneer, aloo mattar, vegetable korma, baingan bharta, mixed vegetables, aloo paratha, naan, and their rice of the day. a lot for two people? you bet…delicious leftovers and no family on friday either!

    you should try skipping out on a family gathering, Cafe, even if only once. nothing quite as liberating and delightful as setting aside the “expectations” of others to enjoy a peaceful day with those that you really want to be with.

    • KB, something tells me you’ve eaten many drumsticks. I’m curious what you got cooking in your hot oven.
      ShSh, you sound like my kind of FrenchAussie. A woman who will let me sleep late.
      Justin, a man of routine & habit. But, please don’t tell me it’s gonna be the same restaurant?!!

  7. The same thing I have done the last 9 years – have dinner with family at a restaurant the night before Thanksgiving, then spend Thanksgiving Day with friends, frying a turkey and watching football.