Sign of The Times


Ok, Children. We are leaving the serious & dark clouds behind.



Two  weeks ago I looked out my window onto Colorado Boulevard. Here in Pasadena. What did I see?  Couldn’t believe my eyes at first. But, Yes, Yes.  Surprise, surprise!!




Hey! What? Oh! It’s Christmas Time.  In the Pasadena Playhouse District.

These wreaths have only made their appearance in this part of Pasadena. 

Santa is gonna get y’all what you wanted? Y’all been naughty or good – or what?!  HaHa, that’s not many, not many!  HoHoHo! 

Well, you’d better watch out, you’d better not cry…  

This must be the next major holiday for most around here after Halloween.  Obviously, I must have missed Thanksgiving…and Black Friday. So, before Christmas also sneak past me I thought it better late than never to get this Christmas post up. Besides, I have a big backlog of blog posts: where’s my BFF when I really need her?!

Merry Christmas!

And, should I, you know, wish y’all, you know, a Happy a Happy…

Well, ok. Later, ‘cuz…




Gotta Run! Gotta get into the Christmas Spirit before the reality of 2010 hits.




10 responses to “Sign of The Times

  1. This is exactly why the Christmas tree-lighting ceremony at City Hall doesn’t take place until we’re actually in December!

    This year it’s scheduled Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 5:30 p.m. There will be live entertainment and refreshments, and Mayor Bill Bogaard will flip the switch that lights up the 20-foot Washington Noble Fir.

    More info at

    • PIO, if we make it to the Christmas Tree ceremony this year I hope it’s on time for the actual kighting. Last year I think the city lit it up ahead of schedule so we were late for that!
      Bec, yeah see what happens: you start dreaming all kinds of things are happening.
      PA, I see in my crystal ball a commission for some kinda Christmas Tree art.

  2. One week ago I saw candy canes on Myrtle in Monrovia and last night they lit the Christmas tree at the Americana . . . earlier every year!

    • PA, I don’t remember.
      KB, snow came kinda late for our mtns. We coulda used it back in Aug & Sept.
      MF, Christmas: Baking? Sweets? Can you feel it, smell it…if not taste it!
      Chieftess K: I agree. Without mentioning Christmas I don’t see sales maximizing for the retailers.

  3. I was astounded when I saw the first Christmas decorations going up all over town, even before Halloween was over. Macy’s in the old Bullock’s building on Lake has had Christmas decorations up since mid October!!! It seems a little incongruous that we can’t say Merry Christmas, can’t put up a nativity scene without controversy, yet the Christmas shopping season can begin in October…

    Very timely post Cafe!!!