I Got Some News For You

Let’s get a weekend update from the LA Times Business section of November 14th, 2009:

Yet the magnitude of job losses here and abroad  in this devastating recession poses a huge risk to the future compensation of the still-employed: What if, for years to come, there are masses of qualified people willing to do what you do – but for much less pay??” (LAT/Tom Petruno)



Oh boy.  Or, how’s about just a few of the headlines that made the grade in the NY Times newspaper of 11/12/09. Although, it was rather sad, I just had to see & read, as seen from a Cafe seat:


More Foreclosures to Come!

(“By conservative estimates, another 2.4 million homes are forecast to be lost in 2010, while prices are predicted to FALL another 10 percent or so.” NYT)


Community Colleges, Swamped with Applicants, No Longer Welcome All!

(“Sonja Taylor applied to LaGuardia Community College this summer with every expectation of being admitted. She planned to study business, bringing her closer to her dream of owning a restaurant. But…”)


Recession & Job Loss Exact an Emotional Toll on Children

(“Hannah said her father’s unemployment had made it harder for her to focus on schoolwork. She also conceded she had been more easily annoyed with her parents and her sister.”)


John J. O’Connor III, Husband of Former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

(“…died Wednesday in Phoenix. He was 79. The cause was complications of Alzheimer’s disease, the Supreme court said in a statement.”)


Azerbaijan: Bloggers Convicted

(“Two bloggers who regularly posted video political parodies were convicted…prompting criticism that the government was clamping down on independent media. The bloggers,…were arrested in July after a fight at a restaurant”)  Lucky, I’m here instead of there.


Mythical End for The Legendary Route 66

(“A Route 66 sign embossed with ‘end of the trail’ was dedicated at the Santa Monica Pier,…”.  “It’s a myth, but it is a myth added to all the other myths of Route 66.”)


Who do you think is looking out for old #1?  For You?  I got some news for you…

(PS: I’m just a Messenger)



Gotta Go check the Weather – See when the Sunny Day’s will be Here Again…






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    • Dez, thanks for your cookies! Now, just put it up on your site.
      PIO, wise thought. Obviously, you’ve said that repeatedly to the politicians in your life! See you later!

    • Pa: I hope it’s just a little drizzle as you think. It’s easier to work when it’s not raining – I assume for U2,
      Restlezz Dez: restless as usual. So, get back in the kitchen then come back with something comfortable.
      ShSh: politicians are always saying it’s gonna be sunnier tomorrow. Keep your artistic spirits HIGH!

  1. There’s still lots for us to be grateful for, puppy. I hear it will be sunny tomorrow. {And yes, I’m glad you’re here instead of there, too. Or I guess I should say, “I’m glad you’re there instead of there,” since my here is not your here. What?}