Food Samples!


  Even better than it looks




Restaurant Waffle

I don’t think I’ve ever had a good waffle worth its price at a restaurant.  This sad trial, at an Old Town diner last fall, was a mess as well. Maybe waffles weren’t meant to be prepared by restaurants.











As seen inside a Korean restaurant







Preez ThaiSeen at President Thai on Rosemead Blvd.




Ok, That’s Enuf Food 4 Today. But, Stay Thirsty My Friends…




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    • SC, you want me to answer your question?!

      Actually, I think the old standby is Prez Thai, isn’t it!? I wood say Prez Thai is more Asian oriented, whereas the Saladang’s are more CaucAsian influenced. Still they are both good in their own style.

  1. I LOVE LEMON BARS!!!!!!!!!!
    That one is my favorite.

    they’re definitely……… food.
    lots of times i prefer just remembering things in my mind rather than photographing them. if i photographed every meal i think i’d get bored of photographing meals. you know?

  2. Greaat grazing post! I’d like to taste it all. Thanks for stopping by Monastery Daily Photo. To answer your question, our food is pretty good. We have a cook 5 nights a week and we fill in the rest of the time. I just started a monastery food blog…it’s still at he beginning stages, but I’d be honored if you took a look:
    God bless our Vets!

    • You have a FOOD blog now? For a month already? And, you didn’t let me know until now!?
      Alright, I know Father – you didn’t want a Big Dog sniffing around your food, eating it all, and not even leaving y’all with bread or fish. Well, now, the food is out of the kitchen. I’m gonna go taste, I mean, ck out your food site!

    • Hey CP – I tried Denny’s waffles – they were close to awful. I changed my post for today (this is my 3rd retracted post…). Sorry, didn’t mean to be disrespectful to our vets.

  3. The lemon bar and the thai soup look sumptuous.
    I learned not to trust restaurant Belgian waffles at 16 – drove up the coast to Hearst Castle with my dad and had one at a roadside cafe in San Simeon. I may try a regular waffle at Denny’s tomorrow – will take mom there after a doc’s appt. I’ll report back.

    • nT, they were & are! Yes, get your waffle in your camera & report back to us with a little review. Hope your mom is doing well.
      South of Bama Virg: well, make your lemon bar & put it up on your blog! Pizza was very good. Well, you jsut come visit my blog whenever you want meat in your blog!

  4. All I want is that lemon bar. I’ve made those and they come close to being better than …….well I was going to say anything in Paris, but that’s not really true. It ranks though. I’ve got my eye on that pizza as well. I think I’m gaining weight just hanging around your blog!!! 🙂 Bon appetit ya’ll!
    South of Paris Virg

  5. Wow, that lemon tart looks delicious! How was it? I love it when it’s more tangy than sweet. And with real lemon zest….yum!

    • JH, it’s the best lemon bar I’ve had. It is more tangy than sweet – which I also prefer. In fact, I tried a grocery store packaged lemon bar this weekend – too sugary sweet. That’s the 1st & last time for that!
      Any additional sweetness could bee added by you eating it.
      I would love for you to make this one! Get the recipe from the LATimes.

  6. Suriya is in the shopping center across from huntington hospital…in the northeast corner of the center…one of my favorite pasadena places for thai, and i’ve been going there for over 15 years. awesome vegetable pad see ew, and HUGE glasses for thai iced tea/coffee, which is unusual…usually you’ve got to order two drinks from a place just to get enough. not here!

    CO, the Thai place across from PCC is Pataya, also a goodie, that i’ve been frequenting for over 20 years now. can’t go wrong with either joint. smaller tea/coffee glasses, though.

    there’s a new place in town that you’ve got to try…it’s called “My Vegan” and it’s in a little shopping center on south arroyo parkway across from trader joes…at arroyo parkway and pico. tiny parking lot that fills up fast.

    don’t be put off by the thought of “vegan”…it’s not sprouts and wheatgrass…they’ve got amazing meat substitutes and serve things such as tacos, pancakes, wraps, salads, and thai-style dishes. website is, where they’ve got their menu.

    reasonably priced, efficient and friendly serving staff. an awesome addition to Pasadena for those of us who don’t eat things that run, jump, fly, swim, crawl, slither, trot, or suck on rocks.

    • Yes!, Jana, now I remember where Suriya is! Of course! I’ve seen it before in that packed little shopping ctr. Re Pataya, someone just mentioned this to me today!
      My Vegan: Yeah, I know it. My BFF & I tried it back before summer. Good vegetarian. Talked with a friendly owner. Breakfast pancakes?
      I need to “drag” some of you guys out to some of these joints again.

  7. Not that I don’t LIKE garlic, but I guess I reached my lifetime tolerance.
    Suriya is on California, a sweet and pretty place tucked away in the Orangewood Shopping Center.

    • SG, ok, I don’t recall seeing it on California but I’ve been mistaken before. (I could some garlic right now!)
      Bec, I think I had the pancakes at CafeVerde & liked them. Now, I gotta ck out their waffles. I hope you’re right about ’em.

  8. Yes, restaurant waffles are often a disappointment. Try Cafe Verde – they don’t try to do big ol’ belgian ones but they’re the best I’ve had in a long while.

  9. I’ve been to Classic Thai many times. Am currently going to Suriya in Pasadena. Both places are very gracious about preparing things with no garlic for me – always a good test as to how freshly made the food is.

    • SG, Painter of View: sounds like you love both restaurants. I’ve seen Suriya somewhere before: in Old Town or across PCC?? (LOVE the Garlic!)
      So Pasa, Laurie? Now, I know what grabs your attention. Have a nice quiet evening in SP tonite!

    • Thanks, PIO Ann: It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. I’m gonna start dragging some of you blogger’s out to help me eat!
      Justin, it sounds like Malaysian is off your favorite list now. Where’s your fav for chinese in the SGV?
      Liz de PA: I’m confused by what Thai joint you mean. Is it Prez Thai 2, or Taste of Bangkok. Bring back a review of classic thai.
      ShSh, after you try your hand at the lemon bar recipe, post a pic of the result. Can hardly wait! You’re welcome – whatever I can do to help your taste buds.

  10. I like that little upstairs Thai joint across from Pita Pita more then President Thai (although supposedly both are by the same owners).

    I’ve never tired Classic Thai but now I’m curious

  11. That Lemon Bar looks scrumptious! I wasn’t sure what it was until I googled around, and found their recipe! I’ve kept it ~ I think I can have a fair go at that one. Thanks, Cafe!

  12. Thai food is my least favorite Asian cuisine, but I do like President and their lunch specials are very good. I have never understood the appeal of Saladang but I realize I am in the minority.

    • Just, which is your fav asian cuisine? Saladang is more contemporary.
      Restless Dez, I think I heard about Classic Thai somewhere else. With your 2nd, I need to make my 1st visit.

  13. Unfortunately not in Pasadena, but close enough…FABULOUS waffles at a place called (appropriately enough) “The Waffle” in Hollywood. Not too far from the Cinerama Dome and Amoeba Records, if those landmarks help.

    Their waffles are light and airy, literally melt in your mouth. Great salads and sandwiches too. Check out their menu here:

    • Jana, thanks for the recomend! Gotta remember that. I like your current ‘harvest time” blog post today too!
      kb: haven’t tried that one but take a pic if u go. Huntington.
      bW: They have terrific lunch specials! IMHO, they are the Best Thai in Pasadena. The Saladang’s are 2nd.