an inchoate, apoplectic quiver of rage


  “an inchoate, apoplectic quiver of rage




   mirror, mirror

   up her ass

   tell me…will she ever have class?

   will she ever think of another,

   or has she turned out

   just like her mother?







I take no credit for the above post other than for appreciating the talent of Jana, a wunderful Pasadena blogger, artist, & food lover!  This is just a small, tiny sample of her artistry displayed on her websites, glitter soup 101 and glitter soup studio

So, what ya think about this unique piece of her art?

One of the main purposes of this website besides covering somewhat less than all things Pasadena, is in its small way to promote community and connection. 

In that spirit, please check Jana out. She’s been doing this internet thing longer than most of us in the area.  Thanks, Jana, for allowing me to share your talent with the world!

Happy Halloween!


Gotta get outta here.  The Dog is seeing black cats!




13 responses to “an inchoate, apoplectic quiver of rage

  1. Jana’s a creative soul, isn’t she! {And she likes U2 2!} FYI, Pup, my gorgeous feline is black. I hope you’ll still talk to me…

    I’m glad to hear that, PA. Sad that it’s necessary, but a relief.

    • ShSh, I wish I could create like your soul. I’ll still, and eat with you. The cat can be our waiter. (Right, Jana likes U2 just like Us2!)
      pA: All dogs don’t look alike. I’m a german shepherd. In fact, you were supposed to paint me on your mural. So, once again you got me mistaken for another! (That’s good about the black cats. From this k9 perspective, if only that were the year round policy!)
      Restless Dez, I thought U wood love it if U saw it.

  2. You are our favorite booster Beagle. Will visit Jana. Meanwhile, leave the black cats alone.

    Did you know that the humane societies will not adopt out black cats in the weeks leading up to Halloween?