Pasadena, Rose Bowl (& U2) to The World

U2 RoseBowl Header

A reminder of a special concert by U2 at the Rose Bowl here in Pasadena. It is the final US concert stop of their current 360Tour. As described by their website: “The Rose Bowl show is the penultimate U2 show this year…” Plus, U2 will be filming this particular show.

“The Who?” No. U2.

“U Who?” No. U2

U who are unaware of the who, what, where, when, or why, of U2 will have an rosy opportunity to get up to speed on this Hall of Fame rock group when they play this Sunday evening here in Pasadena.

Here’s a sample tune:

My guess is the only people who have yet to appreciate or know about U2 wood fall in the following groups: too young, too old, someone like Mr. Earl in So Pasa, prejudiced against rock music, too ignorant, felines, the uncurious, those in solitary confinement, those living in some deep hole of a cave, or the M’s of Altadena. I know…I hear ya: “But, you forgot these people, and that group…!” Ok, and other John & Jane Does.

When you talk about the greatest rockers of all-time you include U2. They join the likes of Elvis, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen.

Back in the 1980’s, I witnessed my first U2 live concert, in Long Beach. I think it was only their second performance ever in California at the time. Just in my teens back then. I had this feeling inside these guys were good and gonna be great one day.


Your experience can be either an expensive ticket in our Rose Bowl. Or,…a FREEBIE streaming live webcast view behind your computer monitor here in Pasadena or any of five continents around the planet.

Come Sunday you can check out these links to access the live streaming webcast of U2 playing the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California: computer U2 on UTube



I leave y’all now with a newer song sample, Magnificent. I dedicate this to one of my many Pasadena friends, a magnificent girl with a selfless heart who had an emotionally difficult few days this week. rainbow She actually much prefers Coldplay, but a great tune is magnificent song! Don’t you agree? Me2.


If you enjoyed the samples you heard & saw here, they have even more great music. Purchase some of their music at the “record” store, ITunes, Amazon, etc. And, don’t forget to catch them live here in Pasadena this Sunday!


Ok, I gotta get outta here. Stay Thirsty My Friends…




12 responses to “Pasadena, Rose Bowl (& U2) to The World

  1. Well, I don’t listen to them much anymore, except for some fortunate moment when I’m changing a radio station, but I do appreciate them…and I’m really glad that I don’t fall into the “too old” category

  2. Should be an amazing show. Associated Press posted an interesting interview with U2 yesterday, about the changing state of the music industry/fan base.

  3. Is there any tickets left?

    When I was at my 7th street studio back in the 80’s, word spread like wildfire that the U-2-ers were atop a building on 7th and Central giving a illegal concert that was being filmed for one of their videos. Unfortunately, I arrived after the coppers got there. I do have one location I think I might be able to get a view from but I suspect street closure will be excessive.