Pasadena is begining to look a brunch like…

So, that it won’t pass me by, I’d better get these posted before they get warped or yellowed.  Time, waits for no one, and it won’t, wait for me.



My BFF & I were out talking with the city of  Pasadena Intelligence Officer (PIO), Ann, the other day. Wishing & hoping some of her vast intelligence of all things Pasadena would somehow increase my own knowledge of the town (which goes back into the last century!), when I mentioned the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.  The PIO responded by saying that was another item on her too much to do list.

Which finally got me into the spirit for doing what I’ve long been meaning to do but for distractions like reading long complaints from characters like this girl!.  She may be very popular with y’all but all she can can do for me is get a chuckle or two.  And then, this madwoman, uh I mean,  madam, attempts to tempt me with her goddesses & other women.

You see, they think, “he’s only a dog.”  But, this canine has put aside their entrapping temptations, offering of kibble (don’t they know how I eat?!), and even their hard to resist petting.  No more!  Onward toward doing the right thing!

So, without further distraction – or temptation:

Santa’s Helpers

A discriminating audience



Approval or Applause

Of course! Who else?!






Christmas Light

A scene as seen from The North Pole






















Thankfully, my user friendly picture organizing/filing system makes  it easy to retrieve these pics.


Gotta Get Going.  Merry Pre or/and Post Christmas!




13 responses to “Pasadena is begining to look a brunch like…

  1. Well that was a little stressful, your photos coupled with the Christmas lights display going up a the local Rite Aid yesterday. Ho Ho $%&^W$* HO!

    • Shanna, I gotta ck out your View blog of autumn.
      PIO, I’m not putting any pressure on you for the Christmas event. However, only a light amount for the other event. Just a reminder!

    • pA, I just passed Stats on Raymond yesterday. Must be why you included it in your comment.
      ShSh, I 2nd that.
      Father, I’m still recovering from our parades this year.

    • MF, that sounds good at this time of year. Just stay away from the sweets.
      KB, one loco blogger has already celebrated/posted about his Thanksgiving.
      PDP, canines depend on the people-slave instead of calendars.