The Old Pasadena

What do you think of when you read the following:

  1. In 1929 this street was widened by 14 feet on both sides. Many of the elaborate Victorian faces of the buildings were lost to reconstruction and replaced with Spanish and Art Deco designs.  This street is?
  2. Barney Williams did double duty as the postmaster, and ran the first general store.  His home place was on the site now occupied by Central Park. What else is he known for?
  3. La Grande Orange Café now occupies the original Santa Fe Depot railway station building.
  4. The Container Store used to be what??




Interesting?  Wanna learn the answers to the questions above & more?  Please check out this informative  link


Gotta Eat!  Stay Thirsty My Friends…




19 responses to “The Old Pasadena

  1. Great questions for a Pasadenan! I wish I could answer them. Now, if these questions were about Long Beach I’d be able to give it a shot.

  2. The Container Store was the site of the old City Hall building… it ‘somewhat’ inspired their design. You can once in a while find an old postcard on eBay of the original building. But I seem to think that it was the second City Hall building, as the original one built WAY BACK was at the south-west corner of Fair Oaks and Union – formerly a Rizzoli store (in Old Pasadena’s 80’s comeback days) and now Patagonia. I think it’s actually the same building, but missing some of the ornamentation, tin finials and such.

    Was just in Pasadena today, at City Hall and it’s as beautiful as ever…

  3. Where the Container Store now is, there used to be a parking lot wherein a fabulous crepe truck resided, open until after closing time. So nice to stumble out of OTP and get a crepe before walking home!

    • Shellee, this old photo wood look new & great if great you painted it!
      nT: what does a K9 know? But, I could understand if you got another blog for non-PV stuff. Maybe you could call it LA County or something!
      NE of Allen MC, when you visit Old Town you may not recognize it. Don’t think you’re gonna see the OT from 25 yrs ago.

  4. Very coool – love vintage stuff.
    So do I understand you correctly, I should be posting only PV photos on PVDP?

    • Well Professor, if you’re gonna give up the sweets you gotta replace it something. Btw, how’s the food?
      KB, that’s interesting. Now, what was the question?

  5. FYI -Saw your comment over at The Sky is Big. I watched the Angels beat the Red Sox fair and square today. So, I’ll definitely root for them to beat them Yankees. (I took over 400 pictures at the game – yikes, which one should I post?)

    • Antjas, the pics of the Angels getting the final out of course! And, all the shots with them scoring runs.
      Justin: unfortunately I wasn’t offering a fabulous prize.

  6. Awesome. You know what the funny thing is? I knew all of the answers but wasn’t sure WHY I knew them. Then I followed the link and I remembered all of these things are in a book my parents have on the history of Pasadena – a book I haven’t looked at in probably 10 years. The mind is funny.