Pasadena Night Photo



A typical evening in Pasadena’s Playhouse District! 

Oh, except for one big thing: this majestic shade tree met its death one lonely early dark morning. Unlike the early morning above.  The city & some district businesses decided it was best to play Paul Bunyan to the Carrotwood & Ficus trees along this part of Colorado Boulevard. They could be a problem to the sidewalk and/or plumbing…If not properly maintained.

Now we’ve been left with new problems:  puny, stickly trees which give no shade, a comparatively stripped naked boulevard, and heat pounding upon the pavement & its walkers/customers. I pray these are the “only” problems.  This happened in Pasadena, a green & environmentally aware, tree friendly city.

A solution with problems.  An answer which leaves many questions…


Ok, I Think This K9 Better Get Running!  Gotta Go.




26 responses to “Pasadena Night Photo

  1. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

  2. thanks Cafe, yes, I and my blog got hit hard by trolls.

    But you know, the old proverb is actually true, as I have learned:

    “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me”

    (that is, if you work to not let them)

    • PA, no no nano! You’re one of us – in de creative majority! PA, me & U even win awards together-remember? I wish I had a new Nano Ipod. You kids & your tech gadgets! I thought you only were fluent in Mandarin?

      ChiefTess Watson: I wood feel more comfortable if it were also against the LAW! You know how it is with church & govt separation.

  3. ahhh no, Cafe, I’m not blogging so well, too many trolls! But I am enjoying finally getting out about Pasadena, doing some artwork, and the photo really is beautiful.

    I can never believe those trees on Green Street, they remind me of the plastic Swiss Family Robinson tree at Disneyland, they grew so big!

    I remember as a kid my pediatrician was on Green, and they have really grown since then. But isn’t it cool how Green has that New Orleans feel?

    I love that street. Thanks for the treat.

    • Progressive Virginia, sorry to hear about your blog experience. Blogging is often a contact sport. And the “hits” are even tougher in other places around the world wide blogosphere, and Web in general.
      Who’s trolling?
      Agree on the Swiss Family Robinson & New Orleans feel. But, can’t take anything for granted when govt is in control.

      Vintage Fashionista Jen! If govt could control fashion can you imagine how YOU wood feel!?! Your Vintage blog is great for women style.

  4. I suppose those who affect things in this city were unaware of the age old solution to transition out old trees and establish new ones: plant new trees in between the old ones, let the the newbies become established, and THEN take out the old ones.
    Too much to ask, I know….

  5. This shot brings back memories of a few New Year’s Eves that I spent on Colorado Boulevard. What a shame about the trees. Thanks for visiting Monastery Daily Photo!

    • Thanks, Pasadena’s Newest Progressive. I hope you’re blogging well.
      PDP, I hope you were taking as many photos of the great Green St trees for history sake.
      Justin, ouchh. But, hopefully money will buy good taste at Charculterie-right!

  6. I was strolling down Green Street the other day. So were a lot of other people. Not so many people stroll Colorado Blvd. anymore, at least not in summer (which it is here most of the year). Those who wanted the mature trees on Colorado Blvd. ripped out may have been short-sighted.

    Justin: Oucchh. Money does not buy good taste.

  7. My grandparents lived on a half acre in the hills in Arcadia, a beautiful spread with trails and oak trees all over the property (those were the days when a cop and school teacher could afford a place like that.) They moved to a condo in their early 80s and the people who bought it tore down the house, all the trees, and built a castle-looking structure that takes up almost the whole property. It makes me literally sick to my stomach to see it!

    • Thanks, So Pasa Marg. I always think sweet things when I think of you!
      Thanks, Altadena’s Hiker. I always think of horses & dogs when I think of you!
      Thanks, French Auzzie Shelley Sherry. I always think of macarons when I think of you!
      Thanks, CT Joanne. I always think of the cross country trips you’re willing to make to visit me!

  8. Oh, that hurts! The council here has removed a number of magnificent old trees over the time for safety reasons {at the peak of the drought, some just started falling over} and my brain understands, but it doesn’t make it easier…

  9. Mature trees like that are so beautiful, what a shame. But I can understand if the roots were causing sidewalk/plumbing problems. I’m not sure if there was a way to handle those issues. We had a tree root problem with our driveway, and a local tree company did work on the roots which didn’t harm the tree, and saved the driveway.

  10. JS, haven’t you mentioned this idea to me before? If I were you, I wood take my painting supplies and run over to Green St Pronto!
    BW, thank you. And, it’s always a holy day when you visit.