A Taste of Old Pasadena

Are you hungry? Do you like to eat?  Well then, I don’t wanna make y’all wait til the last minute.   Therefore, I had better get  this up about the annual eating event the  Old Town Pasadena neighborhood is having on the evening of Tuesday, September 22nd!

Especially since a couple of foodie girlfriends working on this charity fundraiser were expecting me to say a word or two about this restaurant event.  Looks like I’m somehow back in Old Town again, believe it not.


Here is the basic information you need:



You can also purchase tickets at the Bar Celona or Villa Sorriso restaurants.

This is one of the fundraisers the Pasadena-Foothills Realtors use in support of various local charities.  For example, last year the realtors supported Casa de Amigas, Elizabeth House, and The Almansor Center, just to name a couple. Realtors appear to be a charitable brunch.

Therefore, by donating & eating for an event such as the annual A Taste of Old Pasadena, you can help others who are going through a challenging period.  A side benefit will be restaurants in the Old Town district who are also going through their own nauseating times!


Here are just a few of the participating restaurants. Please call (626)795-2455 for the updated list or tickets:

Cafe Santorini (Great outdoor roof top dining location)

Tibet Nepal House (Nice interior, rare cuisine find)

Bird Pick Tea & Herb (Seems appealing outside looking in)

Villa Sorriso (I actually had a nice Italian meal here once)

All India Cafe (Probably my fav Indian in Pasadena)


Update!  I’ve been provided with an updated list in addition to the above: 
    Bar Celona     Cafe Santorini     Chandra
    City Thai     Equator Restaurant & Bar     Green Street Tavern
    Jake’s Cafe & Billiards     Mama Edda’s Gourmet Pizza
    Mi Piace     Mignon Chocolate     Pasadena Hot Wings
    Sushi Roku     Temptations Chocolate Factory
    The Melting Pot     Wokano

(Expect come Tuesday evening to probably see additional restaurants participating)


What are your supper plans for Tuesday evening? Do you wanna cook, follow a long complex recipe, throw a TV dinner into the microwave, and then, wash the dishes?  Or, munch away taste testing at several restaurants in Old Town Pasadena you probably haven’t tried??

The Choice is yours:  A Taste of Old Pasadena



K, gotta get outta here. Suddenly getting hungry for some unknown reason!




20 responses to “A Taste of Old Pasadena

  1. Bummer . . . meeting tonight that I totally forgot about. Go help the cause! Elizabeth House was very grateful for the grant we received last year from PFAR.

    • Becca, it’s 2 bad you didn’t forget your meeting. Otherwise, u coulda gone with the Monrovian!. Oh, and we should be very grateful for the good your Elizabeth House does in Pasadena! Now, go find me a great healthy French Toast recipe.
      Jana, yeah it sounds like you can’t, or didn’t, wait! I hope one of those restaurants has your fav – Glitter Soup!
      Anon, you sound like a food reviewer.

    • PIO, and hopefully a very tasty event. You’ll probably be there!
      AE: if you do, let us know what you tasted.
      JN, yes, one of those funny principles, like spending money to make more money, or exercising to gain more energy, etc.
      PA, yes that was my 1st blogger eating event I organized. Now, I’m trying to get Citihall to do something.
      MF, I’m sure your family wood enjoy eating it all up.