Breakfast @ Cypress Best Burgers

About time for a restaurant opinion.  I know. I hear ya, “it’s about time!”  So many things to do, even just blog wise, so little time…

And then there’s my foodie soul mate departing the country at the end of next month for about a year. That’s ok – she has my blessing. I’ll be a bit depressed, but I want what’s good for her.

We’ve eaten at many places together, and there are many more where neither of us has been. With this in mind we decided to make a Top 10 list of “must go to” places to eat before she leaves the USA!

She decided one of our must go choices would be Cypress Best Burgers (CBB) restaurant here in Pasadena.  Ok…, I said. “We” finally checked it out the other morning for breakfast.

CBB is basically a greasy or fatty spoon joint with the companion cheap & special combo prices that come with it. Don’t believe me? They’re posted all over inside & out. My BFF would call CBB dingy. I would choose a kinder word since it was clean when we visited. Until she mentioned this joint, I never saw it despite passing this location many a time!



Yet, CBB is a place that’s probably open when all others are likely closed…NOT.  Often before the sun goes down their closed sign goes up. So, when you just need to stave off starvation at low cost, can’t or won’t cook, before you head out into the night to see what you can stuff into your stomach to keep it quiet – call first.

Our Order:  She decided we should each share the breakfast burrito with pico de gallo and French toast.   OJ for her, house coffee for me.



Our Burrito looked handsome & healthy as it just lied there on the plate.  Breakfast burritos are fairly common, and I’ve had my share of them. This tasted bland, unexciting, no wow or bite to it. It didn’t ever inject my brain with the thought of, “I can hardly wait to swallow so I can take another bite!!”  The bacon was beyond crispy. It was hard, dry, and sorta lifeless. It could have used an extra egg or two, or just something. And certainly the salsa was no help to the poor thing.  It was dry, relatively tasteless, and gave not the expected salsa kick. No pico in this pico de gallo. I wish there were no cheese in my burrito either. I’m having trouble recalling a breakfast burrito which left me as unsatisfied.

Well here, take a peek inside for yourselves: 




Next up, the French Toast. Now, as I look at this photo it appears less appetizing than live. Of course! Anyhow, the taste was better than the looks and frenchy tried its best to make me forget its related burrito.


French Toast

This would be “the highlight” of our meal. The bread was either sourdough or brioche, infused it seemed with butter and syrup. Sprinkled powdered sugar on top. Cinnamon would’ve been a nice touch on my toast but it was a no show. The texture was a bit too soft for my taste. I prefer a little crispiness to my toast which maybe more egg and extra cooking time could have imparted. Unfortunately, as with the burrito, relatively little egg was on this French toast. Still, it was tasty enuf that I only used syrup on a quarter of a slice. Good thing – the syrup wasn’t authentic maple – it was just the common high fructose corn syrup, the controversial sugar/sweetening substitute.  I’ve had better French toast, including my own homemade creation.

As for the drinks, my BFF likes Orange Juice (it was a fav of mine at one time, too) but she said zero so it must’ve been at least ok. And, their house coffee can be bettered by my own drip drip house coffee.

Service?  They get the job done. But, no waiting on tables here. Place your order at the counter, pay your bill ahead, move over to your table, and wait.

I have to believe there must be a couple of other items which CBB does better than the breakfast stuff we stuffed our stomach with this morning. While for a few, it may be a must go place, for this eater it was a tried it once and that’s more than enuf joint. If you must have it, breakfast is served all day.  On the plus side, if you don’t like what you ordered, well the prices won’t add to you indigestion.  Our order totaled about $13 bucks. And, we’ve had our share of meals at other restaurants where we’ve overpaid for not much better.




That’s my one reporters opinion, and the first & only impression of Cypress Best Burgers. If you find yourself at CBB one day, share your own opinion. Finally, when we arrived there on this recent weekday morning, except for us, the restaurant was empty. 


Cypress Best Burgers

1130 E. Walnut St., Pasadena CA 91106



Ok, gotta run. The search for good value continues…





27 responses to “Breakfast @ Cypress Best Burgers

  1. The burgers here alright, lots of fries. Nothing special. I think the best burgers around here are the ones from Troy’s burger over at El Sereno. Probably because I grew up eating them!

    • Troy’s in El Sereno for the “best” burger, huh? I gotta visit L.A. in the next week or two, maybe I’ll ck it out. Omar, is there more than one Troy joint around?

  2. Since you are so brave, go check out the new Vietnamese bill-o-fare of Pho and spring rolls at the Reyn on Lake Ave and let the rest of us cowards know what you think.

    • Jen, in this case I was dumber rather than braver. Reyn had better be good since we’re in the SGV! BTW, if any of my female readers love clothing, especially vintage, you should ck out Jen’s (a loco girl) Pintuck Style websites by clicking on her link above or on my roll of blogs to the right.

      kB: your writing is always clear, complete, corrupting, and concise.

    • P, what did you eat at Tops? I’ll leave your question to one of your followers who is better qualified to answer.
      Heather, my review of your blog is, Wunderful!
      PTC, yeah Tops is ok for what they try to do.

      • Probably a burger, definitely fries. It was a long time ago (at least a year) and I swore never to go back. It left me feeling bloated for a couple of days. But that could have been the bloat of my personal evil, you know, because the Hiker is right. As usual.

  3. I must have passed this place a thousand times and never noticed it either. I’m glad you stopped me before I had the opportunity. Looking forward to hearing about the ones on your top ten list! 🙂

  4. Very nice review! Ahem, think I’ll pass on this one. Looks like I should stick to cooking my own. Tops isn’t that bad. And the innards photo was nauseating!

    • Becca, thanks, and I’m not telling you to think of this place for breakfast.
      Laurie, ok, I guess at least the review was great!
      SG: too bad re de garlic. I love the Garlic – more, please!! I wish you wood paint a garlic bulb.
      Shelly, a head’s up? At least it’s not in your neighborhood! How’s the weather way down under in Aussieland?

  5. I’m assuming that they don’t use garlic – not exactly a cuisine kind of place. I’m allergic. Don’t chefs just get it?? A plus for them and it’s getting difficult to get something to eat around here, but I can’t say this place attracts me.

    • PB, it looks like you needed some more solid blog food. Welcome back!
      PA, it’s the same type of restaurant as Tops. But, I’ve been to both local Tops, and they top this place.
      JS, don’t know about the burgers. Don’t ever plan to return. Let us know if you go. Maybe you’ll be inspired to draw or paint what you eat!
      Marg, I’ll see you back at your Grassroots one day.

  6. I’m trying to get beyond the idea of combining French toast with a burrito. Up there with Rosco’s chicken and waffles combo.

    Is this joint related to Tops? If so, I went once and it was for the artery clogging fries (which were heavenly and will send me there faster). Double fried morsals of potato lushness.

    • kB, it’s a temporary move. For a year. I think I’ve said enuf on this subject. Lifeless food has left me feeling lifeless myself.
      SC, give me a place to go in our area to recover! It’s not our 10 best. It’s 10 best we still need to ck out before she leaves.