A Station Fire Update

The Station Fire has left La Canada, left the Altadena foothills, and its reminders of  just passing through on its way to bigger acreage.  Thus, it burns its new mountain trails further east & north across our San Gabriel mountains.

Per InciWeb:  “The Station Fire remains active and has gone into the Squaw Canyon drainage above Chilao and is moving east. Air tankers are currently engage in support. The fire is active north of Chilao around Alder Saddle.”  I recommend you check out their link for more details & updates.


View from Mt. Wilson: East & North on 9/7/09 @ 8pm.   Image: Tower Cam.  Visit image link for updated images.

Tower Cam on Mt Wilson


From what I read & heard, Mt. Wilson looks in good shape and should live another 100 years, I pray!



More recent info can also be found with a visit to the north end of Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia.  You will meet the road blocked up into Chantry Flats by fire officials but who can provide additional fire updates.

My lay estimate is one-third to one-half of the forest will succumb to the flames.  Around 160,000 acres burnt to date. This has already been the biggest fire in our steep, treacherous forest and in L.A. County!  That’s saying something.

We have to salute the brave, tireless firefighters who have all but fully contained it!  Some of the firefighters are women. How’s that for an attractive a woman!




One of the most important areas in the Angeles National Forest – Big Santa Anita Canyon (BSAC) – remains endangered.   However, it’s looking better with each passing day as long as it doesn’t get pass the Newcomb’s Peak area! It would be a real blow if this area were make the burn hit list.

The Adams Pack Station (APS) with its mules/donkeys and  assorted critters,  is one of the most historical parts of the forest and the BSAC, to understate its significance!  The animals are safe. Long ago evacuated, mostly to Santa Anita Racetrack.


Pack Train

Image: Carolyn of Footsafari


You can read up on the history of our forest by those much more knowledgeable than I, but for now let me just share a small update I received Sunday on the fire in relation to the BSAC.








Deb Burgess, one of the owners of APS, she was kind enuf to send me a brief update during this busy, stressful time:

“Thanks for all of your contributions.  The latest status is that the fire line at Newcomb’s ranch is still very active.  They are trying their best to hold that line.  It is important because it is a directly between the fire and our canyon.  We are staying in wait mode.  The fire fighters are hitting it hard with copters and fix-wing.  Let’s hope it holds.”

Have a Great Day!

Deb Burgess  dburgess@burcon-group.com

Adams Pack Station-Chantry Flats



Thanks to her, everyone at the pack station, and the animals, for what they’ve contributed to that big canyon. 

So, it’s looking better, especially for the most historical places in the Angeles National Forest. But like a cancer cell, we’re not yet outta the woods as long as there is even a burning ember remaining. By the time you read this, it will be old news.

The even more difficult work will lay ahead to help the forest rebuild itself. I know the Boy Scouts are gonna be one group with their hands full of trail maintenance and rebuilding!   Everyone has a part in helping our forest recover.


Gotta get outta here. Until next time…whenever it is!



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    • Armand, one of the Adams Pack St owners this morning let me know that they are fire free. They are still around! They haven’t been destroyed, but they aren’t totally out of the woods with this fire yet. The big question is when will they be able to return and reopen.
      So, this adjuster who told you that bad news is wrong. I don’t know where he got his info. This fire has ignited a brunch of rumors!

      • CP:

        Thanks for the info! I suspected something fishy about the call. I’m pleased that the Adams Pack Station still stands.


        P.S. I updated my blog with your comment.

  1. Great coverage. The past few days’ photos from the Mt. Wilson cam have been spectacular showing some fire and smoke, but also giving a vivid shot of the observatory and forest.

  2. I’m in the Dog house about everywhere these days (meaning on deadline) Ironically it’s for “public art” at one of LA’s main fire stations.

    If you can find out for me I’d love to know if the fire station burnt down…

    Glad to see you’re still on it. Really good work!

    • Let’s make it clear, PA: you’re not in MY Dog house! – anymore.
      “The fire station” ?? Join the club of deadline addicts. I’m sorry, PA, but I don’t even have the time to know which fire station you’re talking about.

      I’m “still on it”, barely, thanks. It’s good to remember that the San Gabriel Mtns are more than our fav portion of it, and to care for it with that in mind. Just because our street is safe or no longer on fire doesn’t mean we don’t care for those on the next block. Still, I’m just reporting on those areas which I have some familiarily with.