Scenes at a Community Fire Meeting

Last Thursday nite I checked out the Station Fire community meeting at Pasadena Church of the Nazarene.  It was organized by the fire incident management officials.

In attendance:  Mike Dietrich of La Verne Fire Department and the commander of this incident.  Commander/Lieutenant Lopez representing the LA County Sheriff, Marty Johnson of Pasadena Fire Department, Mike McIntyre the LA River Ranger District Supervisor, and Jody Noiron the Angeles National Forest Supervisor.

I’m skipping the reporting since others on the internet & news media have done so already.  I will say this: officials believe this is the most destruction to our forest in history & will take some time to recoverIt’s not gonna be business or recreation as usual.

I’ve seen next to nothing of photos from this meeting.  So, here’s a handful to start  for those who need a picture to tell them a million words.



Many AltaDenites came too! This must be some meeting.


Audience Participation:





Pasadena Fire Department



Mr. Paxton: Incident Mgmt Information Officer. Good Job!




I may update this later with different, better shots.  My camera was not on it’s best behavior that nite – neither was the hall lighting.

PS: The fire still burns tonite.

K, gotta run…But, how could this fire have gotten outta control & so huge??



8 responses to “Scenes at a Community Fire Meeting

  1. I think my comment went up in Flames…

    Anyhow, I’m glad you made the event. I had to leave town and am now back. If it was hard getting info here try it from San Diego without a computer.

  2. Very nice reportage, CO. I hope there was a kibble tie-in, at least a good chew. Civic duties can be very tedious, although very worthwhile.