Mt Wilson Fire – Update

Wednesday, 2 Sep 09, 5:50 am PDTJust heard a radio interview of Captain Mike Dietrich of  LA County Fire Dept.  The bottom line, to paraphrase his words:

  1. As of 10 minutes ago (5:15am) , Mt Wilson is in  “Good Shape.”
  2. We have men & equipment up there
  3. We’re not anticipating any loss of communication or astronomical equipment
  4. But oddly enough,  our firefighters have encountered communication problems amongst themselves due to the many microwave antennas up on the peak!

Good News!, so far.  This update mixes nicely with my report/posting prior to this.   However, keep praying & hoping.  It would be a shame for something this historic to be lost on our generations watch.

Addendum to my brief description to the Mt Wilson photograph in the post below, per the LA  Public Library website:      The 100-inch telescope glass being hauled up the one-way dirt toll road from Altadena to Mt.Wilson by truck in 1917. It was boxed in and draped with an American flag.

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