Just out  scanning section A of today’s Pasadena Star-News headlines/captions for something of interest while working out at a Pasadena cafe.

I thought the following were a bit unusual in one way or de other.  Did you see these? (My comments in RED)


Fire guts house, but family escapes with cat! 

Apparently the resident had no dog – lucky cat.


Villaraigosa admits his home used extra water! 

Since when do politicians live by a different set of rules than the people they “represent”??


Dodger casket shown at Rose Hills in Whittier!  

Why do I think Tommy Lasorda placed the 1st order?


Senate loses a key voice (Teddy Kennedy) for bipartisanship.  

Huh?? My limited experience of this politician was of him shouting & putting his  political ideology way before any bipartisanship.


Animal activist’s dog left in hot car, Dies! 

I recuse myself in recluse.


and, the last headline with the most concern to the survival of the human species –


Woman charged with selling Fake Viagra!! 

What kinda woman would do such a thing??




Those are some of my restrained thoughts, ladies & gentlemen.

What do you think of the above?  Do you still read a paper newspaper?  Check out today’s (8/27/09) newspaper for further details.  Read all about it!


K, gotta get outta here. This has suddenly given been hunger pains.  Stay cool….


Pasadena Arcade




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6 responses to “EXTRA! Ice Cold RAIN

    • SS, a Taiwanese Slush at Kang Kang-Alhambra. It’s the better, cheaper, and improved version of Panda Xpress. I’ll take their slush almost everytime over any gelato. Stay cool & keep the flames off you.

  1. I’d say your comments are always unrestrained.

    Yes, I read the paper, but I read it online and rarely open the one that gets delivered. Of the dot coms, I check out NY Times, LA Times, sometimes London Times.