NOIR Food/Tapas & Wine


Listen up the many wine (and beer) drinkers among my readers!  There’s a new wine & tapas bar in Pasadena… 




Whether this makes Food & Wine magazines Top 100 Food & Wine Bars in the future may be less of a concern to the team of experienced owners than if Noir will have a long term future, period.  

This economy isn’t making the constant challenges to food & drinks establishments any easier.  I’ve said it’s usually easier to open a restaurant than to operate and keep it open. 


Pinot Noir grapes in Moldova.


But judging by what little I’ve know of Noir Food & Wine (Noir) tells me they have a better shot of long term success than most.  Experience in this biz & with Pasadena I’ve mentioned: Wine Bar 112 on Green St & Vertical Wine Bistro.  A philosophy of “people are our asset”, is another good one. 


Red Wine swirls


Managing partner & wine master, Mike Farwell, I chatted briefly with when the place still had the old garb of the shuttered Aun Deli Cafe.  He seems like a jolly nice fella with an old protestant hard work ethic I’ve witnessed in getting this latest venture running. I’ll try to take the wine glass away from his mouth long enuf in the near future to get him to answer a couple of questions for you readers who are into your wine. 



An invitation only Open House this past Friday which I couldn’t attend when I suddenly received their email just hours before the event was not happy news.  Too bad with my schedule…$25 for wine testing & food sounded appetizing.  Let’s hope this customer oriented, customer friendly spirit is the foundation of Noir.

Noir-Postet Opening

A couple weeks ago I was told they were planning a July 26th opening and that was in my plans as well. Now, while they are still shooting for a July opening, as of today the 30th is the target.  Oh well, not knowing your grand opening is the norm in this industry. I would first give them a call prior to coming.  But I think they’re off to a good beginning, admittedly with only an open house in their glass at this time & competition from other wine palaces in the area. 


They are located on the eastern edge of the Playhouse District.  Noir is squeezed between older neighbors, the Ice House comedy club and the Boston Court Theatre.

Noir on Ice


Still, Noir has to overcome the history of the building which has about the same track record as the space right next door to the Pasadena Playhouse.  And, haven’t we lost count of how many restaurants have said hello & goodbye  there!

Still coming! 

 Still coming – after all this year – to the Playhouse…






Check this new place out once they open soon. Y’all give them a chance who are into your food & drink.  This is all I’m gonna say for now.  Check out their website link below for more info.


NOIR Food & Wine

40 N. Mentor Avenue * Pasadena CA 91106 * (626)795-7199




Ok, now Gotta get outta here.  Gotta eat, drink & do! Tell you more later…







27 responses to “NOIR Food/Tapas & Wine

  1. Ah, so that’s what that little cafe (Noir) on Mentor was about where I parked my car this week to run around the corner to the post office. It was just too hot for those cafe tables, but it all looked rather hopeful. Any word on the food?

    • Jen, I can tell you this much after just 3 weeks: One prof reviewer liked it, another Pasadenan restaurateur friend loves it, and it appears to be busier than the previous eateries in the space at this stage. And, their bread is from Pasadena’s special bread queen – Euro Pane.
      Yet, it’s still much too early to assess it’s long term chances. Will the people still come after they’ve tried it once or twice? The hospitality industry is a tough biz with an even tougher palate to satisfy.

      I hope some of my female readers ck out your vintage fashion website!

  2. Vertical Wine Bar is one of our favorites but I’m up for some wine tasting at a new place! And, what’s up with Elements? I’ve seen that sign for ages!

    • Becca: Favorite or not, always take the option of cking out the latest thing on the block. Click their website for special events.
      Elements & their aging sign? The latest is they hope to open in October. Hope so! They catered the year-end So Pasa ToR Float Assoc party & it was tasting good. Plus, they get their bread from the best- Pasadena’s EuroPane Bakery. Which reminds me: I saw Noir’s chef, Claud Beltran picking up their bread at EuroPane a few days ago.

  3. CP, I need your Help! My brother and sister-in-law are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend and they live in Pasadena. No idea what to get them, but were thinking of a gift certificate to one of Pasadena’s finer establishments, maybe something new. They eat out a lot. Something new but proven maybe? Any other ideas? Maybe something that also has some sort of musical entertainment? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have to make this happen with a quick phone call. Can you leave me an e-mail or answer at SDP. Thanks so much. If I’m ever out in Pasadena, I’ll owe you one.

    • Marg: Wish them well in person – they’ll need your support!
      PA: Think positive! Visualize your visitation to Noir in the near future. See yourself wining & dining away with the likes of an actress, a hiker, a painter, a K9 – and you (yes YOU) there within their royal midst!

  4. Pup, I wish them well but unless my circumstances change I doubt I’ll be visiting. Now what I want to see are more mini mall hole in the walls. Cheesy decor; lunch specials 8 bucks and under. Dinner specials 10 bucks and under.

    fetch me one of those

    • JS, the 30th came & went w/o opening. So, I’m guessing sometime early August.
      SG, I can see you creating with paintbrush in one hand and wine glass in de other. All the while a special sky View overhead looks down on you.
      Mesina, one of my fav blog author’s already in your young life! It would be great if you were located here in our area!
      Restless Dez I’m surprised you haven’t heard.
      KB, go ahead ck it out and review it. I’d appreciate a hikers perspective! I can see you hiking with wine glass in one hand & hiking stik in de other.

  5. I am becoming quite jaundiced about these coming soon announcements. Soon often means sometime in the distant future, we hope. I like that area, and this sounds like a promising addition, whenever it opens.

    • Fab, besides the drink there also is a Malbec Argentine restaurant nearby. About a 2min walk from Noir! I’ve been to it. Have you checked it out? Argentina is probably something you’re familiar with!

      • I went to that Argentina restaurant before they changed the name to Malbec. I don’t remember what it was called. Really good food. I had the best soup there. The staff was really friendly.

        • @Cafe observer: I have been doing my best to stay in Pasadena or close to it. Have been looking at homes/town-homes/condos in the Pasadena/Altadena area. Taking off in a sec to see a couple more. You are probably right about the restaurant! It was like a year ago, haven’t been back since. Hey, we live close to each other it seems. Let’s meet up sometime!

  6. Well well, you have a home! Lovely blog and the fact you’ve put yourself in the, ”a little unusual”, category makes me think I might just stop by from time to time….that is one trait I can relate to.
    All the best, have a great day!
    ~Miss Stubborn