A: City of San Marino

Q: What type of city can you expect to find a Canis Latrans (coyote, for you unsophisticates) included in its citizenry?


Pic: Justin Johnsen, Flickr


So, next thing was I was driving out relatively late last nite, around 9:20, when lo & behold I see one of San Marino’s residents taking his nightly exercise walk. Not just any San Marinolite: a heavyweight – Mr. Wile E. Coyote!!

Couldn’t believe my eyes. I could drive all night and wouldn’t see anything more unusual than what I saw within 2 minutes on the road.  Nah. Maybe it was just Peter Coyote, El Coyote, or the Coyote on one of Joni Mitchell’s albums.  You know how it can be tricky to make out in the dark.

I had been more apprehensive stepping out late with the possibility of running into a mugger, or blogger who comes out in the dark, or maybe just a hiker under the influence of alcohol such as wine.  But this?

Made a U-turn to see if my eyes or headlamps were giving in to age. 

Nope.  Yes, that was indeed the infamous Wile E one. A symbol of folklore and mischievousness.  You either love the wild canine or hate the beast.

What were the odds!

But, there was no TMZ trailing him. Just him. And me – without camera. Oh, I thought about it but then said, “well, I’m just gonna be out for couple of minutes. No need.”

I thought for sure the Road Runner wood bee nearby. But, noooo.  Neither was the car.  However, the Huntington Library was just across the street.  I tracked him down apparently heading toward the Oxford Road entrance.  Yep, he’s a Wile E one – away from road runners – he knows where AND how to live!

Nowadays Wile looks better fed than your average coyote.  I guess his luck has changed since his television days.   Or, maybe it’s just we would expect a San Marino coyote, with an entertainment background, to be better fed.  Oh, by the way, he’s in the same industry with with our good girl, PDP Petrea…  Plus, that distinctive 4-legged trot he displayed to scamper into the houses when I put the old spotlights (i.e., headlamps) on him left no doubt.

I think we can say we have a coyote in our midst.  Not just any coyote either.  Therefore, Warning:   Coyote sighting.  To all you in San Marino & vicinity, unless you’re a Road Runner, you’d best be careful in San Marino with your small children, elderly, & pets.

The same could be said for the San Marino Adjacent neighborhoods as well. In fact, be on the lookout to guard your borders from some of San Marino’s dangerous &  mischievous residents crossing over!



Pic: Christopher Bruno

I Want YOU!, To Feed The Homeless of San Marino!





K, gotta run, gotta get back to my Guitar




34 responses to “A: City of San Marino

  1. Fun post. I can feel your excitement at the coyote sighting. Same here for me in the Jerusalem hills when a jackal freezes and stares at me.
    I love to share the neighborhood with yapping, beautiful wild Jackals!

    In your comment to Petrea, did you make up “smail” or is it a new verb in America?

  2. Yup, those pups are EVERYWHERE. Taking a walk on the un-wild side.
    We are off again to Convict Lake for the wkend. I’ll be looking for a coyote again.

  3. Kwint’s right – lotsa coyotes in La Canada. I’ve even seen them at the corner of Foothill and Angeles Crest Highway. I’ve also heard that deer have made it this far down the mountain.

    Keep your puppies and kitties indoors!!

  4. Hmmm—–you cant see the header?? shoot!! Do you have flash installed????? I tried to email you a screen shot—- but your email kept sending it back to me…… are the internet gods in South Pas. hating us today, or what??????!

    • Yeah, have de Flash installed. Otherwise, it would show an error message about needing the Flash plug-in to view something. Shan, I’m gonna scan you sumthing now.

  5. I’m only updating once a week it seems…

    anyways I spoke with a Filipino friend and apparently the food tastes good but you have to know HOW to eat it.
    That actually makes sense to me…

    • Ok, E. It sounds kinda funny or complicated. But, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when it comes to that kind of food.
      btw, I’ll let the coyotes know about how they should eat it if they come across this type.

  6. Here in La Canada we occasionally get a coyote that wanders into our yard. Yes, we have indoor cats now having learned the hard way.

    There are many coyotes in Griffith Park. We came upon a whole pack scrounging in trash cans and begging for handouts from people driving through. I took a ton of pictures of them. They looked healthy and sleek, no doubt from lots of burger leftovers.

    • Kwint: in La Canada too? I guess San Marino is trying to push their coyote riffraf out into other cities! You need to start filling up your blog. There must be a brunch of juicy stories in the LC! A good start would be with a couple of them coyote pics you took! I’d love to see how Grittith Pk coyotes look compared to San Marino’s.

      nT: did you shoot the coyotes you saw? It would be nice to see them on your PVerdes site.

      Antjas, it’s been at least 90 degrees and humid here too! Of course, it’s not Massachusetts humidity. Yeah, I notice the West coast coyotes like to use the paved roads & sidewalks here too.

      Bec: didn’t eat your baby becuz he was focused on something you brot from your kitchen!

      Petrea, good to see you cking into my Cafe! This can only mean you’ve come here for some down home comfort & joy, looking for something substantial made with TLC.

      • Oh, we’ve had coyotes here since we moved in a long time ago. The Angeles National Forest is walking distance from our house and coyotes are no respecters of city limits. This is THEIR territory as far as they’re concerned, and cats and dogs are just another appetizer like rabbits and ground squirrels.

        I can’t put coyote pix on karensblog.com because I’ve taken a vow to keep it all paintings, all the time. But I might just paint one of those critters and post that. (He won’t be howling at the moon and wearing a cute bandana, though!)

        • KWint, but you’ve got your other blog that’s going unused, collecting dust.
          I hope they like snakes as well.
          Keep up your colorful local paintings!

  7. They are everywhere! We saw a couple by Convict Lake – or maybe it was the same one – twice. Amy, our golden, didn’t bark but just looked at the distant cousin. BTW – I don’t do any fishing – I just try to catch a few good shots.

  8. 90 Degrees and humid, but great big cumulonimbus clouds. As for coyotes, we have them too. They like to walk down the middle of the road, and don’t seem to care for the woodchuck/groundhog that’s eating my garden!

  9. Saw one in the middle of the day while I was running around the Rose Bowl this spring! And no, he didn’t eat my baby . . .

  10. We get them up here in the middle of town, too, at least in drought time. I’ve seen them on the street a few times. It’s a case for keeping the cats indoors at night.

    I suppose they talk about us this way when we roam in the Arroyo.

  11. I have seen a coyote on about 4 or 5 occasions right here on my hillside and even trotting down the street past my car to go down the hill. They don’t look as well groomed as the one you picture, but rather scruffy and cartoon-like. Their movements are rather different than those of a dog. No mistaking them.

    • SG, yes they do have a peculiar walk/trot. Ever done a painting of one of your neighborhood coyotes?
      PA, apparently a brunch of coyotes make the Huntington Gardens their personal residence, per KB. If SM’s aren’t allowed to fence in their properties, then at least they can gate them.

  12. They follow the river tributaries. One such tributary runs behind the high school. Also, I don’t think San Marinoin’s are allowed to fence in their property. Being the case, if I were a coyote I’d find San Marino rather appealing.

    • PensaCola PJ that’s a great site! Now, get back to starting up your daily blog.
      LL: more rules? You’re sounding as conservative as ever! You have great pics at your SGV Daily Photo.
      Jean de Painter of Feet!, you need to get some coyotes down on canvas.

  13. Isn’t there a rule in the SGV about never letting your cats roam the street because they won’t be coming home? Yeah, we’ve seen the coyote in Monrovia.

  14. We have cheebling raccoons that use our hillside as a highway–probably looking for the promised land of the Huntington. And art critic squirrels–they’ve been known to walk all over my work. The coyotes tend to keep to the street, however. They’re probably smart enough to realize that’s the quickest way to San Marino.

  15. Found you from Margaret’s blog where you left a comment which led me to think you are “one like me – k9”.

    I haven’t seen any coyotes here on Vancouver Island, but the cougars/aka mountain lions/ aka Very Big CATS have been busy … and that is really, really scary!

    • Barb: I’ll maybe send Margaret a referral fee. She could be a comedian! We have our share of cougars – both cat & human subspecies – in these parts too. I think the human cougars may be the most dangerous: I hear they are man eaters!!

      Chieftess: it’s nice to hear from the Glendale So Pasa blogger!

  16. I was just at the Huntington yesterday…no sign of the Wiley one…maybe it was triple digit heat!!!

    We live in the foothills of Glendale and frequently have deer…often a coyote or two (once in our back yard) but recently we have a new wildlife challenge…a mountain lion…he recently took down a deer in a friend’s back yard..and has been seen in several locations throughout the woodlands…I think I prefer Wiley!!!

  17. I’ve seen a ton of coyotes since I started regularly hiking in Griffith Park. Btw, I always wanted to see Wiley Eat that obnoxious bird!

    • Toad Bee: according to de Hiker (below) the San Marino coyotes are already feasting on bird. I wonder if the Griffith Park coyotes are members of the LA Zoo?
      Marg: why are they hanging around you for? You must be a great cook!
      KB, I figured you’d be on the coyote side. Do your coyotes like fish?

  18. Beep beep!

    I was always on the side of Wily. (Did you know Huntington Gardens is home to a small group of coyotes? And I think they’ve been dining on duck of late.)