Sound & Vision – 60’s Style

This dog is feeling dog tired, or just lazy. So, here are a couple of videos for my blogger friends who lived through the 60’s, have now at least reached their 60’s, & still recall that decade honestly, or just need a reminder:

1st up is a video featuring Peggy Moffitt, who I can only describe as one of the style icons of the 60’s – what we now call a Supermodel. I wasn’t looking for this. Like many things on the net – it found me.  Just today I found out this was an award winning video.

You can find some background on this native Californian here at this link to FIDM.


Continuing our theme of the day.  Along with fashion & political protesting, music was a major highlight of that decade – at least a half century in the past.

A classic example is a rare vid of Satisfaction by de Rolling Stones…

Ok, so that was a somewhat brief history of time in the 1960’s from someone who was much too young to be aware of anything happening in that decade. If you enjoyed this kinda thing drop me a line. I’ll see what kinda strings I can pull with the hidden iconic powers that be.  Whenever I’m lazy, tired – or worse – I’ll try to rely on the creativity of others who came before me!

Gotta get going. Gotta eAT!



10 responses to “Sound & Vision – 60’s Style

  1. That Peggy Moffet video was a great find. Bravo dog! Having grown up down the street from one of the earliest Pier One Imports I was more accustomed to the VW vans with indian bed spreads for curtains. You might call it the long haired, moccasin shod, velvet wearing version of hippiedom

    Tash…I knew. My cousins husband dated Tiegs while they attended Alhambra High

    • Yep, pA, this dog finds the best stuff when I’m not sniffing around. Those VW vans you talk about – were there mattresses inside?
      Shawna: you’re such a great find yourself!
      Carson: the same to you! And, you got a great arty sister up here now!

    • KB, early Springsteen, like early 70’s? You’re showing disloyalty to de Carpenters.
      nT, I’ll maybe dig up some 90’s stuff for the 30ish youish.
      Shanna, what art school in de 60s??! You must’ve meant the 90’s…right?

      The K9 thanks y’all!

  2. I like the 60/60 line and look back. I’m a sucker for anything old that I haven’t seen before. ’60s were pre-teens for me, with Twiggy and minis and Oh-bla-dee-oh-bla-da.
    How about next digging up some ’70s for your 50 something friends? The Mod Squad, the Partridge Family, Cheryl Tiegs (Alhambra HS – 1965 – who knew?), Supertramp, The Tubes, the early Bruce Springsteen, the Carpenters, Sonny & Cher… Hey, this is fun!

  3. Loved the reminder of the 60’s!

    I was just beginning art school and I wore THAT PILED-ON EYE MAKE UP.
    It made Dixie Jane nuts. I have calmed it down quite a lot since then.