For My BlogSpot Blogger Friends

Like you, I come across a brunch of websites which are useless to me. Yet, I often take note if they could be of interest to others.

Some of these peculiar people are blogger’s who chose BlogSpot to run their blogs. With that, I now introduce y’all to a BlogSpot site which some of you may know – or, should now. Many websites are mediocre & a waste of time. This is much more than mediocre, if but less than magnificent!:

Blogger Buzz

For the uninitiated, this is Blogger’s web site for giving some of the latest goings on related to their blog. All kinds of info can appear here including tips to spruce up your blog & blogging experience.

Online Tools for Journalists

For instance, the most current entries concern a plug-in to enhance your current post subject with related material. Then, the June 4th article covers recommendations to easily change your current blog theme/style.

Zemanta Plug-In

Just like clothing comes In ‘N Out of style, so do blog formats. I’ve changed my blog style so many times I don’t know what it looks like! However, please don’t ask me for the “how–to’s” on this. I don’t use BlogSpot for blogging. You already know more about it than I. This is only a public service announcement from me to y’all.

Pasadena Mtns

So fella blogger’s just know I got your back, even if you’re doing it your way and I’m doing mine. I know it’s been gloomy outside, but the Buzz site may brighten your blog up.

Let me know if your blogging was helped after trying any of their tips.


Twitter update: Just heard on the radio that the average twit quits tweeting after just 60 days. There’s still some hope for this world!

Ok, this is feeling like Work. So, gotta go, gotta leave the controls & get to eating!

Cafe Pasadena Control Center

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15 responses to “For My BlogSpot Blogger Friends

    • At 1st, I didn’t get your comment, PA. But, I understand you were referring to your good progressive friend. A dog can do only so much for you homo sapiens.

  1. Well, I like to keep it simple. In fact I keep dropping things – from my blog. I did try tweeting last fall (it’s sooooo last year) and it took all of a week to give that up. The only tweeter I like is your cousin, The Daily Coyote. Love her.

  2. “… pick up the kids, pack up the car, to Jack-in-the-Box, come as you like, come as you are, to J-i-t-B, take life a little easier, make life a little easier…”
    In-&-Out’s got no tunes. Great T-shirts though.
    Did you see the Westways article on it?

    PS – UCSD Muir School (the schools are a mystery to me) has a student give a speech – and she mentioned YOU (well, not you exactly but people who have been telling the grads what a tough time it is to be graduating…and she was certain that these grads will do well) – so, my nephew needs a job – any opportunities out your way?

    Charthouse – that one is in such a perfect setting that even if the food was not good, I wouldn’t of cared (well, sort of not)…had fillet medalions they were delicious… does seem expensive though.

  3. Cafe, I need some blogging tips. What do I do about anonymous bloggers that post hateful comments about me personally?

    They know MY name, I don’t know who in the heck they are. After a long time, I can start to gather their writing “style” and make some very good guesses, but apart from that, it is rather like being clobbered by someone wearing a sheet.

    I have gathered that bloggers feel their anonymous identities are real identities that can be addressed, but its not a perfect world, to answer to some bizarre name, especially when the comments are hostile.

    Any advice? I would surely appreciate it!

    • I recall reading on some website, maybe Blogs are similar to having personal telephone calls crossed with newspapers!

      You ask me, “what do I do about anonymous bloggers?’ Do you mean commenters also? Well, what remedies would you want?

      VH, you’re getting into the 1st amendment icons of rights to free speech & bearing arms. These are very thick shields to puncture. Within blogging specifically, anonymous blogging is treasured, particularly for whistle-blower & political purposes.
      Of course, if you’re being defamed publicly, where you have no control to prevent it or defend yourself, then the defamer is risking legal action. When you put yourself out there publicly then you’re setting yourself for shots – some cheap or worse.

      I’m not really in a position to give you the legal advice you seem to be asking. This dog doesn’t really want to get in the middle of all you loco blogger’s in the Pasadena area. I want to remain blogger’s best friend!

  4. I’m starting jury duty, too. Planning on bringing a sketchbook and a book to read. But, at least downtown, they do have some computer access in the jury room.

    I took at look at the Blogger Buzz, but I’m so technologically deficient, I figure it’s just another ticket to frustration, for me.

    • JS & KB, I hope if I ever have to face a jury you’ll be on it. On 2nd thought…
      I have faith in anyone who can paint, draw, ride a horse, eat like a horse, or hike amongst the mountain lions, can also improve their blogging. Frankly, more faith in others to do it than in myself!