College Advice to Vanderbilt Bound

After introducing ET to the Novel Cafe in Pasadena, I went to see my young friend (call her Candace) the day before commencement for her graduation this weekend from La Canada Flintridge Prep.

What’s that?? Yeah, ok. Ahem, let’s just say I find the best thing about this Novel is the Free internet Wi-Fi. And, ET, she…uh, I won’t comment on her comment except to say I think I’ll be back here before she ever does. But what do we know, right? The joint was about 80% filled at lunchtime. But, well, I digest here.

So Candace is done with her high schooling after this weekend. She’ll have her diploma…and then what?? She’s decided to accept admission into Vanderbilt. Why Vandy? Look, I’d prefer my super sweet friend to stay around here and check into one of our great universities, like for instance… oh, I dunno, I suppose USC is as good as any around here, imho!

However, I know there are some fringe benefits for finally leaving home to explore the college life. Still, she will be missed.

She leaves with her excellent academic record, of course. More importantly, she takes her natural beauty! Both inside as well as the out. LCF & the rest of our area will not be the better with her away.

She’s chosen her undergrad major & already is planning for grad school! Nevertheless, I shared with her a piece of old canine wisdom. Plus, I want her to pack away an eclectic mix of musings recently posted by sleepless in La Can-Flint’s Kathy C. Hernandez, aka The kCHer, on her blog.

Kathy came up with a futuristic name for this blog post. Only the kCHer could dream up such a innovative title:

Tips for Graduating Seniors on Their Way to College!

Have high schoolers going off to college? What advice would you offer to a questioning student bound for glory &  success in college & life? What do you wish someone had told you back in your day? One suggestion is the link above. Then, don’t forget to pray for these students particularly in these budget slashing & job cutting times.

Gotta get going, gotta get ready for breakfast, fast…



15 responses to “College Advice to Vanderbilt Bound

  1. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well.
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    • He’s late but worth the wait, because, He’s The Most Intersting Dog in The World…

      Peter, you are very richly insightfu!.

      KCher, you are a great blogger!

      Shutterladyblogger Shannon, next time I’ll treat you @ your favorite Latte joint instead! Your roomates too, as long as they behave themselves! (I’ll bee the photog of the brunch again!)

  2. Don’t worry, even though i’m a professional photographer, i didn’t do a very good job photographing my house. oops…. minor error! its pink! dont worry! more photos to come, this time in better light, with a better exposure. 🙂

  3. Forget college… take a year off and travel. Not too many opps to do that later in life, but I guess she already knows what she wants to do so who am I to give advice? 🙂

    • Forget college: especially these days, right!
      Can’t we take a year off & travel when we’re in our 30s, 40s, etc?

      R, how’s the weather out there in Italy?

  4. Find nice people who are supportive of you and hang out with them. If you are not an art major, take a sculpture class for art majors.

    • PA- ok, ok. Here’s some advice then: put Palm Axis up for auction on eBay. It may make you a very rich artist!
      Omar- nevertheless, it demonstrated your strength of focus. It detoured you a bit, but you still made it as a famous male supermodel!
      JS: you don’t have to do it all – at once. Paint & repaint.

  5. The advice I wish would been given to me before college is to keep my options open. I was so dead set on Computer Science that I refused to look at or consider anything else. Four years later, I discover CS is not for me. I saw the warning signs way before but just chose to ignore them because I thought it was CS or bust. Had I just admitted that CS was not for me earlier, it could have saved me years of head ache. Oh, and also to enjoy the experience. I enjoyed it, but not was much as I should. The old cliche applies to me. I was so worried about the future I totally ignored the present.

  6. The kids are already overladen with advice. I guess I wish somebody had told me that you don’t have to do it all at once . . . so enjoy the bit you are doing.

  7. The thing is, when you’re heading for college, you’re probably more sophisticated than you’ll ever be again in life. It’s quite doubtful you’ll listen to anyone; you’re pretty sure what lies ahead. But if you do listen, I’d say, take your degree in science, math, or engineering. Minor in the softer stuff, because if that is what you love, you’ll be studying that all your life anyway.

    • “…you’re probably More sophisticated than you’ll ever be gain in life!” (KB, I hope you expound on theory of yours in a future blog posting)

      I’ll just say we’re probably never so intelligent as we were back in those days, a few years ago!