AltaDena & de iPhone: a French Connection

I much prefer using this website to write about others & other things in/around Pasadena, than about me & whatever it is I do.  Thus, at this last minute I decided to give some additional PR – thanks to Petrea for the advance notice – to fellow local blogger/foodie, Stéphane Kardos.  No Charge this time.

He is scheduled to appear Monday 5/25/09 on ABC “World News with Charles Gibson”, sometime between 6:30 & 7pm here in the Pasadena area.  Here’s a link to a related article at ABC:  iPhone Art.

Stef is a magician in creating art via his iPhone, the subject of the news program. Yes!, you heard it right:  Art   created   via   your   phone.   He’s one of the first to take advantage of this new hardware/software combo. The next thing they’ll tell me is a K9 can become Rose Queen or the average writer makes more than an attorney & doctor combined.

I am convinced the great majority of iPhone owners know very little on how to actually use it beyond the fundamentals of calling, contacts, and taking pics.  So, please watch and you might learn something new.

Plus, you’ll get acquainted with the creative gentle powers of Stéphane. Very briefly, he is a former French resident who now lives here with his wife in AltaDena.  He works nearby at Walt Disney as an Art Director.

I first met him at one of our local blogger/foodie gatherings in January in Old Town Pasadena.  Unless my old brain is misremembering, Stef inquired about our group and I sent him an invite to join in.

And the rest is history: now he is gonna receive some national recognition. Can you believe it? I tell you – never underestimate the power y’all have between your ears!

Is it just this canine or does the Pasadena area have an overabundance of creative typos (types?) here!  Check out his blog for much more reliable first hand info: Stefs Sketches.

Ok, here’s a pic of him I took at that initial secret breakfast meeting in Old Town.  Apparently I caught him holding up the iPhone in his hand:


(I reserve making any comments about the others in this picture.  However, you can chip in yours if you must.)  smile_sarcastic

Meanwhile, here are a couple of samples from Stef’s iPhone for your viewing pleasure:

California Sunsets

Merry Christmas from California

Of course, he has done more traditional art with pencil, brush, and computer(!), which you can see on his blog, Stef Behanced, & Stefs Flicker Sketches websites.  I’ll leave you with one fav:



Ok, I gotta go, gotta eat. It’s past my lunch time!



7 responses to “AltaDena & de iPhone: a French Connection

    • PA, I thought I was de last one to go cellular! But, I think what you really mean is your cell phone, like with most, owns YOU! Imagine your website if you posted from your iPhone??!

  1. Hey, CO – this is Super cool! Nice of You and Petrea to feature the new celebrity. He really is amazing – and very modest about his abilities.
    All I’ve got to say about the photo is that it’s a great looking bunch.
    Ciao, nT