Lisa: Nurse / Writer!

Lisa Who? Lisa de Libel LeTage of the SGV, of course. That’s who. She happened to have the most correct answer to my last guessing contest. Congratulations, Lisa!

We met this afternoon in San Marino & I survived to live another day!. She was on her way to CSULA, if my memory serves me well. Lisa is a local blogger who loves to eat at restaurants, writes even better than this K9 if y’all can believe that, and, well, there is even more about her to check out for yourself at her two websites:

Libelletage and Daily Foto

I recommend you add her to your website listings along with checking out her blogs & just saying “Howdy!” In fact here are a few samples postings for your reading/viewing pleasure:

Scenes from a Recession

The Roof is Leaking & My Hands are Frozen

Don’t Touch Me B@#*!

Love Is Watching Someone Die

Make Lemonade

I really enjoy her blogs. It’s amazing to me how she has time for them with her tight schedule. She is an oncology/pediatric nurse, et al, and now is studying for a degree as an English major to satisfy her love of literature/writing. (So many artists & writers in our area! Where did they all come from??) guy_handsacrossamerica

I sense Lisa is a very talented person. A sort of bittersweet gal, i.e., sweet & slightly sarcastic! She hopes to fit into her schedule our next blogger/foodie gathering – whenever that is, PIO!!

OK, gotta go, gotta eat! Lunch was just raisins, popcorns & a latte today…

Congrats again, to Lisa!



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    • Dez, doggone it, I dunno! I need to call you for delivery. What cooking right now?
      KB: I like being a nice doggy better. Please get on PIO’s case 4 me!