Pasadena & Blog Awards

Has anyone noticed we have an award winning website here in Pasadena?

No, no, not me!! Although, I understand y’all jumping to that conclusion.

Wanna take a guess?  Forget it. I’ve had enuf fun with you people.  I am talking bout that real estate guru, Irina Netchaev! 

Her PASADENA VIEWS site recently earned an award for one of the best real estate blogs in the greater Los Angeles area. It doesn’t surprise me. Maybe it should when you consider all the competition in real estate websites.

Relocation dot com is the academy bestowing these crowns. They are a national company whose focus is to serve as a resource for people who need to pull up old roots in one area then replant themselves anew in another location.

Frankly, IMHO any of Irina’s other real estate websites could’ve been a winner. So, if real estate is your thing and wanna be another Donald Trump or Netchaev, or just searching for info about the San Gabriel Valley, Irina & her Pasadena Views are the sources to see. 

I was gonna say that’s enuf free PR for her…but, oh well, here’s just a little bit more: get the Pasadena Weekly’s The Feminine Touch article.  The old fashioned paper copy has her on page 22. BTW, that photo of her accompanying the article – that’s her on a bad day. So she told me. Right/Sure.  At least on my bad days I look and feel it.

So, CONGRATS to our real estate guru.




BLT/BTW etc, it seems like this is award season for blogs.  Frankly, when is it NOT award season for blogger’s?  At least the insufferable Hollywood/Broadway celebrities only hand out their self congratulations half of the year.

It seems every other blog I read mentions some new blog award I’ve never heard about. So, Cafe Pasadena is tempted to create our own loco blog awards. We may call it, The Dog Bone, or something similarly appealing to the human blogger’s in our area.  And limited only to Pasadena area blogs.

Stay tuned for more info on this later.  Cafe Pasadena needs to discuss this with management and their Board of Wise Advisors.

Ok, gotta go, gotta head over to Arcadia to eat something good…




9 responses to “Pasadena & Blog Awards

    • Petrea? Not the artist currently known as PDP?! Thank You & welcome. Feel free to visit here on CP anytime!
      A: You’re kids were actually BORN in Pasadena so that means you have a lifetime advantage over most who currently reside here! You’ll always be a Pasadener in Cafe’ book.

  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yesterday was a tough day so your kind words were an inspiration.
    Now, does a former Pasadena resident count in this Dog Bone Award Business? There is a precedent for it. I was born in Canada so now legally my kids are Canadian. My kids were born in Pasadena so I should be considered an honorary Pasadenen, Pasadonut, whatever. Wait a sec, wait a sec, I just scrolled down the Pasadena Blog Roll and found myself hidden amongst the others. Now I am truly ferklempt!!!

    • WW: As long as you’re talking about the SMadre in So Cal – not Mexico – then you’re close enuf to be in the Pasadena area. You’re artwork is definitely award winning. If I ever get my own blog awards off the drawing board, you could be a winner of the greatest blog award ever invented:: The Dog Bone!

      Irina: They’re the best whenever I have the time. You don’t need another award, do you??

  2. Oh WOW!!!! Blushing here… thank you so much! One of the things that looked for is community information and your restaurant reviews are THE BEST!!!! So… you certainly share in the award! Would 500,000 rubles suffice as a share of the prize?

    • Sarah Jane: This dog is tempted. Now, get back to your food blogging, please – I’m getting starved.
      Marg: Maybe I’ll call it the God & Goddess Award?!