Coffeehouse Closing in Pasadena…

Whenever I write about eat & drink places I hope it’s not about their closing. My preference is to share the Good News about a joint: Good value, excellent customer service, the best this or that, great waitresses, etcetera.

But we live in a world of TV’s so we gotta feed you the reality as well: Seattle’s Coffee & Books at 62 N. Raymond in Old Town Pasadena is closing its doors.

It happens to be along the route of the Doo Dah Parade. Last day open is this Saturday. If you ever planned to go, or go again, I recommend you do it quickly. Like Now. My last visit was last evening.




What do I think of their closing?  Sad to see them leaving this location. Old Town is not my regular hangout part of Pasadena.  I’m part of the Pasadena Playhouse & South Lake Districts.  I used to say, as recently as last year, that I very rarely ventured into Old Town and that was fine with this K9. 

Well, this dog has been eating his barks in recent months. Nowadays I find myself making the half mile AltaDena hiker type of challenging hike west into Old Town about every other week. I don’t really have any great reason for visiting the area. However, this Seattle’s coffeehouse has fit the bill nicely.




Highlights of this place:  The owners/family and staff have all been friendly & made me feel welcomed.  Pastries are very good. A mini-library of books are available to browse & purchase. Comfortable & quiet. One of the better places to get some work done. And…Free, dependable Wi-Fi.

They were also available to serve as a destination for one of our periodic blogger gatherings. So much for my planning.



Nevertheless, as I started saying, I’d rather share the Good News of a joint!:


P1010806a P1010807a



So, to finish this latest blogging episode: if you missed them on Raymond Avenue try not to miss them at their new location opening in early June on Fair Oaks just north of Union.  Still in Old Town. (Although I wish they’d move closer to my area!) Next to The Container Store. It’s really an “around the corner/across the street” kinda move  Support the places you believe add some light to your community.




K, gotta run, then gotta sleep…




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  2. PA, he is a big tease, he can’t evan pay attention to his contest “WHERE in the World is The Dog now??” How much more specfic do we have to be? Does he need to know the photo was taken in the booth next to, or on top of the bubble gum machine?

    CO, I think AH’s comment about B&W = the sepia tone photo… and yes that’s a nice one.

    • Well, I AM wurking on a nu lease, for a client. In de Paseo complex. But, I myselff would never wanna own/run a “hospitality” biz.
      BTW, I don’t grade on a curve…