WHERE in the World is The Dog now??

This has been a busy period for me: guarding girl scouts while they’re up in San Francisco, learning to bark in Spanish, sniffing around restaurants for food, keeping up with the latest controversies & gossip amongst the loco bloggers, etcetera, etc.  Nevertheless…

It’s the 2nd most wunderful time of the year: another posting!  Either that, or get bloglisted by the restless natives.  So, this is for my many pets: Mid-Town Geee, 2nd Act in Altadena, Pasadena Daily Photo, Adjacent to Pasadena, and John/Jane Does 1-5000 around the world, who are all threatening to try to go off my leash.

These, “guess what/where this photo is” postings have become more fun than I expected.  Wasn’t expecting these local pics to be so baffling to the loco’s, or at least everyone.  So, here’s another toast to more puzzling fun.

In contrast to the usual “what is this a photo of” game, (I’m explicitly giving/telling you what it is, as you can see below), this time around I simply want to know from where I was when I took this shot.

I’ve had the usual canine success in stumping the homo sapien with these.  IMHO, this is the easiest one to answer so far.  Still, again, you need to be exact, or at least Specific.



Initially, I was gonna forbid Petrea from speaking a word on this subject in public or taking part in this latest round of the guessing game due to the fairness doctrine.  However, since my blog usually leaves her commentless, this contest should slip right under her radar.

As a further incentive for your correct guess, I am again offering a grand prize to the winner.  In fact, due to the economic situation many of us find ourselves in today, I’m increasing the amount of rubles offered! to 100,000!!  Hoho-However, our previous winner Shanna Galloway has to sit this one out. Therefore, please leave your email if you wish to be contacted for the award.

Good Fortune & Good Luck Pasadena, San Marino, Massachusetts, and other locals in the vast blogosphere!



16 responses to “WHERE in the World is The Dog now??

  1. I parked there, just forward (or to the left of the photo) sometime last year – at night. Didn’t notice anything interesting nearby.

  2. I think that your back leg is up against the bench at the bus stop across the street on Huntington. I think I used to catch the bus into downtown from around there somewhere.

  3. Cafe Observer, you’re being a bad dog. I know that photo was taken from inside of -o- Tony’s Pizza in the booth next to the bubble gum machine… how much more specfic do I need to be? Time to Pay-U-Pal some of those 100,000 Rubles which BTW = $3117.23 US. (http://coinmill.com/RUB_USD.html)
    I take PayPal.

  4. You’re definitly in your car or behind a window. Either that or your lens is dirty! I vote car on Huntington at the light at Del Mar.

  5. To easy. Ben got it right on the first post, but I think you were across the street at Tony’s Pizza using a telephoto lens while awaiting for scraps of pepperoni.

    • SC, well then you’d better tell BW they can certainly do art!
      BW, I agree: you seem a bit confused. Were you cking in from one of your beer classes?

  6. Sup Dog. At the corner of where Del Mar crosses Huntington and turns into Winston. Checking out from the middle of Huntington and its beautiful grassy wide median strip.

    It appears you are driving, but dogs can’t drive. And they also can’t type, use the internet, or compose blog entries. This blog is so confusing!