Pasadena: Winer! Winner!! Winnner!!! Winnnner!V

For those of us who don’t get things the first time.  Besides, I’ve been busy busy lately and the same for this upcoming week!

Russells p1000143a

On the final day of our guess de photo contest came the winning bid, uh, answer, to my photo on Pasadena or South Pasadena Weekly Photo:


Just when I thought the canine had stumped the human race once again, one lady came up with the secret word at the finish line.  Who could that last great human hope be?

Well, it’s the beautiful, vivacious, artistic, lover of de K9 Shanna Galloway! I’m sure being related to So Pasa Laurie didn’t hurt either.  WoMan!, did they eat like horses that day at Russell’s!  Muncho Congratulations to Shanna!

Her valuable winning prizes are being shipped directly to her from The Louvre in France, along with 50,000 rubles to spend!  Oh, wait, I gave those away the other day to Susan so she could afford breakfast in Beverly Hills, and to Jen who has growing children to pay for. smile_thinking Well, I’m gonna reward Shanna one way or de other for her persistence, determination, hard work, resourcefulness, guts, blood, sweat, & tears that carried her to this hard-earned victory! present

You’re probably wundering what I think of Russell’s. I like the classic, cozy atmosphere – but I didn’t have a pleasant encounter with the Belgian Waffle.

But, I digest.  One more time. Can y’all say it:

“Congrats to Our Winner -Shanna!”

K, gotta go, gotta sniff out some good home cooking somewhere…



27 responses to “Pasadena: Winer! Winner!! Winnner!!! Winnnner!V

  1. My bet is that our little dogie (CP/CO) is running out of restaurants with good fire hydrants and so so reproductions of fine art.

    • I need more motivation for these postings. But, I can see I have followers who look willing to provide it if I set up a Paypal acct for their donations.
      Mtg, maybe the little doggie is – but not this big dog! My goal is to reach the number of blog postings you’ve achieved.
      2nd Act: give that leash back to your masters right now! Be a good girl.

      For what it’s worth, y’all will get your wish, or at least prayer, answered 2day.

    • Of course, Irina, you would know & have to comment on the rubles. Quiet!

      Everyone in this area should ck out your great real estate websites even if they aren’t in the market for real estate at the time. And, I haven’t forgotten about our eating meeting (oh man, sooo busy & backlogged in that area). But, I never forget about food…

    • And, PJ, as a german shepherd, the best gift you can give a dog is an unending supply of good food. End it with a fav dessert being a chocolate feline mousse.
      I’d also add that those other blogs of yours are berry impressive.

  2. Neither my husband or I can remember eating at Russell’s. What street is it on? Here Russell’s is the name of a Plant Nursery similar to Armstrongs. I had just gotten back from there when you asked if I had ever eaten there.

    As for the farm, it is in Ontario, Canada. I’ve got a lot of plants from there and my mother had taken a lot from here. Everything seems to grow better there though. I think their soil is sweeter. I even managed to take a few plants from Arcadia up there and they are still going strong there and here. I think that’s officially a no-no, therefore I left it off the blog. My parents took up farming when they were 55! They were ahead of their time when it came to eating local. They grew so much of their own food. Raised cattle and grew hay and straw until they couldn’t lift the bales when they were in their mid 60s. We’ve had the farm since 1975 and my brother lives there now and rents out the land.

    Sorry about all the flowers, but when everything is exploding in color at once you can’t help but be in awe. My daughter was born at Huntington Hospital when the agapanthus and jacarandas were in bloom, so I know this week in Pasadena is also breathtaking.

    • In Ye Olde Towne, on Fair Oaks just a floats length north of Colorado. When you next visit from New England to see your sister here, let me know & we’ll see if the joint rings any bells from last century!
      I love flowers – in person, rather than how they develop in pics. Is the family farm still be used for farming?

      • It’s a deal! Yes, the farm is still being farmed, but no animals. Plenty of wild ones though including wolves, the occasional bear, raccoons, skunks, groundhogs and a blue heron rookery. Forgot to also mention, lots of mosquitoes.

  3. *Ahem* It seems to me that I came up with ‘virtual underwire in the bra of life.’ And yes, my surname is Russell.

    • Yes you did WCGB! And, I am 4ever thankful for that comment. I’ll even give you credit for Russell’s cafe! But, I’m most thankful 4 your tamale friend! Keep us informed on de tamales.

  4. Not the kind of art I would of associated with Russell’s.
    We used to eat a lot at the original Russell’s on Atlantic in Bixby Knolls (Long Beach) – till that shut down. Then at the one on Candlewood, till that shut down too. Hope Pasadena is kinder to theirs.
    Their burger & pie special was the best. And the hash browns.
    CO – you’ve got to read a few more of PA’s posts – it is clearly stated where PA is!

  5. Do another one and I’ll give it a shot, I know my way around Pasa Robles pretty well! Oh, btw I dig up a lot of stuff… see I just found you, but I’m not saving those backyard bones for you, they are extremely rare specimens

      • Yeah, that’s what I meant: Pass of the Oaks. But
        Pasa Robles is also right, it’s Paso Robles’ Historical Society. It was meant as a joke CO/CP, sort of a play on words if you like, for Pasadena. So try another guess this place and I’ll see what I can do.

  6. PA: is Pasadena Adjacent, Altadena or San Marino?
    Laurie: you’re late as usual – the last – which means you miss it all. I’m usually 1st. You know this place, you’ve been here before!! So, you’re really w/o excuse.

    I thought y’all were locals! I guess y’all really are just locos.