Pasadena or South Pasadena Weekly Photo


My 1st, “guess where this photo was taken” stumped all my liberal arts and crafty, readers.

For sure, I thought someone would guess correctly, maybe the first day.  Surprise, surprise! – nobody did.  Even more surprising was who the photo stumped!

Skylight Books in Los Feliz proved to be too much for the readers. These were mostly past customers: some apparently having spent their life investments at the place, one claiming to “know this place, dammit!”, others spending many dollars or hours at the place, and another who claimed to have lived just a couple blocks away! 

Really? Well, now I’ll have my doubts.  No more will I be the gullible doggy for them as I swallow the dog bones they easily toss my way.

But…if we’re willing to give Wall Street & Obama another chance, then of course, it’s the time of the season for a second chance to y’all.  Here’s my latest finished work of art.  Your location hint is in my post title.


Q:  Where locally is this particular replica hanging at?  Be Specific, but no puns. Once again, I believe this is another EZ one for the loco’s.  So, I’m keeping hope alive for y’all.  fingerscrossed





As a further incentive for the correct guess, I will offer a grand prize to the winner!!  So, please leave your email if you wish to be named the winner of the award.  Good Fortune & Good Luck!




14 responses to “Pasadena or South Pasadena Weekly Photo

  1. B de B has the greatest men’s bathroom. Evah. Wall to wall pictures of — let’s see how do I put this, come si dici — men seeking relief.

    How do I know what the men’s bathroom looks like? AH, a story for another journo.

    • KB, U & MG/DB both offered up B de B. Is that a place for quality or quantity Italian food?

      A reminder: Be SPECIFIC. No partial names. If there is more than one location, it needs to be the correct location.

      I’ll reveal the answer (if not the winner!) on Wednesday.

  2. The Northwoods Inn? Nah… not enough velvet on the wallpaper. Is it that new cafe where Metropolitan used to be? Sabor something?

    Buca de Beppo! Nah… too much wall space in your photo and no Sinatra or Sophia.

    I know JPL… over the lunar coffee machine over in the Leonardo lab.

    • MG/MH/DBS/DP et al: All I can say is, Keep on Trying, young lady. Go to bed. Plus, I haven’t forgotten about our eating.

      nT: yet another reader who claims to have been to SkyLight & knows the area well! But, No, this is not from the bookstore. Yet, Yes, it’s still next to that Indie theatre. I’m beginning to warm to this guessing game idea since it’s becoming more baffling than I thought! Same with you, nT: I’ll get down south sooner rather than later so we can ck out your fav eatery.


  3. I like this ‘guess-the-place’ idea. I, however, have no idea where the framed copy is – I also cannot stand to see it framed…

    Very cool that you have SkyLight books – I wonder if it’s the same bookstore that was there in the late ’70s close to an independent type movie theater. Used to go there a bunch- but it was a long time ago.

    Pretty interesting about all the cool stuff on Vermont.

  4. BW, what R U doing over here???! A mistake probably, or Aaah! it was the prize wasn’t it.
    Do you like Avanti for Pizza?

    Cafe Pasadena wishes to thank you for your participation. Next!