South Pasadena?? The Envelope, Please!

First, thank you for all your responses.

Although I thought I made it clear (more than once) this was no particular city or area, everyone’s guesses assumed Pasadena & the South of Pasadena. Well, this bookstore did originate, way back in the day, in Pasadena.

But, the photo is inside SkyLight Books on Vermont in Los Feliz, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. Prior ownership used the name Chatterton’s. Either way, this is one of the finer indie bookstores, like our great Vroman’s here, and has been a neighborhood anchor there for many a year.

Laurie, and I, have some history hanging around this bookstore dating back into the last century! However, it’s been quite a while since she visited the place, but I was there just a few months ago to take a few shots for her viewing pleasure.

If you’re looking for more history, Pasadena style, check out The Old Pasadena Blog.  They have a good one currently.

Ok, enuf about books & the past.   Now, gotta think about some more important things like…food & cafe’s!



16 responses to “South Pasadena?? The Envelope, Please!

  1. I just realized that I’m breakfast obsessed, and that my main problem with Pasadena is most restaurants narrow-minded view that breakfast time is in the morning.

  2. The last time I was at Palermo’s, they had started offering weekend breakfasts/brunches. Really good breakfast. This area of Vermont is terrific for noodling around, largely due to Skylight.

    • Palermo’s – is that the one just south of Franklin, on the SkyLight side of Vermont? If it is, it’s been there for a while as well but I don’t recall it with lineups as the norm in front. Never been inside since I’ve been disappointed with Italian rests in general – but if you say it’s cheap, KB, then maybe I should ck it out. And, yes, you should swing by your old area again especially before your days are filled up again.
      Is the Norweigian joint still in that area?
      Sarnos’s has been gone for quite a while! However, as of 3 yrs ago there was across the street a kinda cheap fast-food type of joint owned by a surviving member of their family.

  3. Sarno’s is gone? Sigh. The Dresden always creeped me out. I once lived two blocks away from these places. Guess I should swing by; or not. What about the cheap Italian joint that always has a line? Can’t think of the name.

  4. Florida has a law that allows pet dogs into restaurants, I’m thinking California might be just as friendly, even their bookstores.
    I left a note about the strangeness.

    • PJ, your strange stranger postings are interesting. One day I may be canine for it! My fav restaurants are, coinceidentally, dog friendly joints.

      PA, the sign is still there (Sarno’s??) but those are its only remains. And, did you save your receipts!

  5. I want to know if you howled with the opera singers at that nearby Italian restaurant? not the Dresden. Chattertons makes me think of all the money I laid down on books about post modernism. I blame the French.

  6. Did you say indie bookstore? As in a place that sells “independent books”? I’m not sure what that means… but I am going to Skylight Books as soon as it stops being late Monday and becomes early Tuesday. I NEED a great new bookstore to explore. Tell me… is there also a cafe nearby?

    • Yeah, YP, it doesn’t sound like you know what it means. Indie generally means non-chain or small chain, non-large corp, non-cookie cutter style retailer. Individually or locally owned. Although, strictly speaking nothing is totally independent – we all are dependent on others to some degree.

      Skylight, and it’s new arty Annex is an excellent bookstore to ck out. Cafe? Sounds like you haven’t visited Vermont in Los Feliz Village. Try Fred 64 just 20 yards up the block. Take Little Laurie with you, she’ll tour guide you around de area with what’s left since last century.

    • Y’all sound like typical students with the usual excuses why you didn’t come up with the correct answer.
      My next Question: How could you think ONLY of So Pasa??

  7. Laure was the Red Herring — how could we think anything but South Pas? I happen to love this bookstore and have spent many hours and many dollars inside.