Pasadena, Books, South Pasadena & Cafe Pasadena

I just noticed it turned April.  So, April Fools to y’all!

So, I’d better post something new before some of the other loco blogger’s ridicule me for being a lazy dog.

As I mentioned before, I have enuf photos to become a crazy daily photo blogger for many a month, even if I retired my camera for years. But, while I might be a dog, I’m not rabidly insane.


Here’s a photo from my vast treasure house of a collection! 



Q:  Specifically, where was this photo taken?  Again, be Specific.


I will post more about this subject in the near distant future.

(So Pasa Laurie knows exactly what I’m showing.  BUT, while Laurie can leave a comment, she is specifically forbidden from disclosing the secret answer!  She must resist with all her creative powers the temptation to reveal The Answer.  If she breaks our trust…well, let’s just say that will be the end of the K9 taking any more photos for her!  Not to mention, of course, being her guard dog when she goes out to do her best work in the black & white night darkness on the edge of town.)


Gotta run, gotta sniff around the next Cafe…




15 responses to “Pasadena, Books, South Pasadena & Cafe Pasadena

  1. This is very hard to figure out because of those red brick buildings across the way. Ugh! I was going to say Coffee By The Books on Walnut and Oakland but they would never carry anything Andy Warhol. At least, not officially.

    Book Alley has a different view these days—I so liked the old location. It must be South Pas then. All these words to say, I got nothin’, dawg. So, here’s a song by The Books, Read, Eat, Sleep

  2. Since San Marino is not mentioned in your title, I guess it’s not the San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe. It doesn’t look like Huntington Ave. outside the window either. They still keep sending me their flyer’s even though we moved away 16 years ago. I suppose in the name of the environment, I should have them take me off of their mailing list.

    Thanks for the update on Ambassador College and your kind comments on my tree.

    • Antjas de Massachusetts! Good to see you venturing on another cross-country trip to take a guess on what’s where in your old home town. It certainly isn’t Huntington Ave in San Marino. Maybe Huntington Drive.

      But, there still is a San Marino Toy & Book Shoppe! However, my pic isn’t of that.

    • KB, somehow it seems like, “somewhere east of Fair Oaks”, covers a brunch of lost ground.
      PIO, only when you become the SP PIO will you xplore the So Pasa.
      CDB, this is not in your Hometown Pasadena bible.

      Again: I didn’t say which city I took this photo. Expect time for the your answers to expire about this Saturday.

      Next !

  3. Hmmm, using my powers of detection (aka pointing out the obvious) I see by the red ornaments on the plant it’s Christmas time–by the selection of books (Warhol, Bacon–shout out to you, Ms Fin) it’s an art book shop. But where? Is Book Alley still around?