Just a Picnic in de Park for de San Gabriel Valley Blogs

Sure it was. It was anything but a relaxing Saturday picnic in the park in AltaDena for this dog yesterday. I left dog-tired.

If it wasn’t for the brilliant organizing work of the AltaDena blogger’s, at the end of this day I would’ve felt dead-tired! Here’s a quickie recap of this prestigious annual event, while I was there. Let’s start with me getting to sleep at 2:30am, Saturday morning. That should earn some points for sleeping in late until at least noontime. Then, waking up to some R & R. Right?!

Well, no winning numbers here. Instead, I need to rise early enuf to start brushing up on tax exempt organizations by 11am. That requires a coffee at EuroPane. My fav ray of sunshine, Jill, is working this particular Saturday so that helps with the brain fog!

This turned out to be a beautiful spring Saturday. The kind our area has used to lure in, unfortunately, trillions to Southern California. I grab my chicken & egg salads, plus rosemary currant bread, as an offering to the Open Mouth/Insert Forker Goddess, and head outta de Cafe to begin my trek…up north. It’s the latest episode of Meet The Blogger’s, of the San Gabriel Valley!

Toward AltaDena, a town – but not a city. An area with a peculiar people. Civilized? That’s too complex a question even for a canine to contemplate. I’ll leave it to my betters & lesser’s, and the county, to debate. But one sign of civilization in these parts is they recognize, and hold, picnics in the park…with great FOOD!

So, I’m hiking up looking for a picnic potluck at Farnsworth Park on North Lake. That’s North – not South – believe me. Then suddenly I see the sign below. A big sale??! Oh, woman, I gotta stop to ck that out!


Wow, with prices like these, it’s like for FREE, as in FREE FOOD!


Unfortunately, I had to leave this picnic at halftime to rush back down the hill to meet with a new client in Pasadena, who as it turns out lives nearby in AltaDena! I wanted to call her to say I was gonna be late but…weak cell reception up in these parts! So, I didn’t have much time for anything besides try to meet in person with some of the interneters I’ve never seen face 2 face, such as Jennifer the Mother Scribe and Elise the editor of the Sunroom Desk in Glendale – both absolutely delightful women; take a few shots, & gulp down a couple delicious things. However, it meant missing the opportunity to taste everything, such as these OREO cookies exported to us from PJ de PensaCola Daily Photo Shutterladybug. One item I didn’t miss was Pasadena Intelligence Officer Ann’s wunderful Broccoli Cole Slaw, from Von’s. Can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it!




I was happy 2009 DooDah Parade Queen Julie Klima was able to make this gathering. Her majesty is a sweetheart of an artist. She planned to make our last one in January, but because it was the day of her parade, the organizers wouldn’t set her free to join us that morning! She felt bad about it. And I feel worse each time I turn down her invitation to one of her events. Told her I gotta make the next one coming up in April. So should you!


As you can see from the patient sign-in sheet below, handwriting analysis shows this to be a diverse, troubled, wild bunch to put it mildly. It looks like about 30 blogger’s on here, yet there are so many more loco’s who choose to remain anonymous & shy, hiding behind their computer monitors. You know who you are, and most importantly, we know who you are! Please try to join us for the next one – I’ll promise to let you know which of these are good with the food!


An update on my above comment saying,  “30” blogger’s attended.  According to TR,  including non-blogger’s,  a total of about 50 showed up. I can only reconcile this by saying probably a couple of blogger’s came with their entourages:  Dr. Burchard with her groupies,   Karin deHiker with her idolizers, and The Madame with her worshipers.


Well, this is all I have to show for my time. I’m sure you’ll find others posting something about this event. As I said, I had to leave at halftime so I’m sure I missed some blogger’s who walked in later. After this I had a 3 hour meeting with a new client. Didn’t get home until 11pm. We were driving down Colorado Blvd late last night & it seemed to have everyone out on the street.. Must’ve been the great weather. Who’s spreading rumors about an economic crisis? Dog tired by midnight.



One important purpose of these gatherings, AFTER eating!, is to bring the loco’s out from hiding behind their computer playing the nerd so we can create a closer knit community despite our differences & backgrounds. The result? You know: The lion will lay down with the lamb, the liberal will crack rosemary currant bread with the conservative, the politician will listen to their constituents, and etcetera. We’re part of the Internet, so stop complaining and start Interconnecting.


Ok, gotta run, gotta get some more sleep before it’s off to brunch…



32 responses to “Just a Picnic in de Park for de San Gabriel Valley Blogs

    • You mean the BRock! cookie, PA? I believe it was bought by the 2008 DooDah Queen, Mickie! The question I am most concerned with was how did it taste, since I had to leave before the end of this special event!

  1. Hello, Cafe Observer! You know how deep sea divers who have been under the weight of water can’t rush back to the surface of the world without getting the “bends?” Instead, they have to rise gradually and de-pressurize along the way.

    Well, that’s me right about now. The first quarter of every year buries me in work and deadlines as I produce my clients’ annual reports. This “quarter” ends after the first week of April… so, starting today, I am gradually phasing back to being human again, as opposed to being a 14-hour day deadline-meeting machine!


    Thanks for visiting my blog… maybe I will have time now to sample the delights of the real world that you detail so well in YOUR blog!

    • Oh, YP…most of us – especially me – are very busy. But, I still make time for some tasty FREE food! You just have to keep your priorities in order!
      Come join us for the next one, probably at Pasadena Citihall. This dog promises not to bite you if you show up. (Bring that other shy one, little Laurie, too)

  2. CO, I just perused your fine photos again and I saw a lot of brownies (what were they laced with???) but no ……fried chicken. Honey, you just run on down here and I’ll show you some fried chicken like you’ve never had in California. (Southern California Fried Chicken is a scary thought) Even better? Smoked ribs. Come on!!

    • SV, the brownies were laced by our loco Restless Chef, Dez. They were pretty good & I still have 20/20 vision.
      Here in Southern Cal we import our fried chicken from the deep south – Kentucky. That state is still in de south, isn’t it? You would have to end it with a mention of Ribs. You know The Way to a dogs stomach!

  3. Love the cookie shot! I don’t know why I thought of Oreos, I guess I figured most people like them. From all my visits to different blogs it sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. Cheers!

    • PJ, thanks for thinking about us back here in de West.
      nT: Sorry. But, well, it had nuthing 2 do with you! What did you bring for the potluck?
      Irinia: we’ve had 3 in the last 4 mths, believe it or not! Watch out or soon you’ll be writing: “Missed my 10th event!”.
      Elise: a joy to meet/speak w/you. Try to make our next get together in May or June.
      WCGB in NW Pasa: sorry I missed U2. Try to get up earlier! What did you bring for the potluck?

  4. Mike,
    It was a great afternoon for the blogger’s picnic and it is beautifully documented here! Thank you to all the organizers! I had a wonderful time and was sorry that, like you, I had to leave early on business as well. Very nice to meet you and many others. Sorry I missed kCh, as she’s the one who told me about this gathering!

  5. Hi Cafe Pas,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog last weekend!

    The restaurant was the late lamented Gordon Biersch, where we met for dinner and drinks. We met through a mutual friend. First impression? I can’t say about her, but I was smitten. Marlene has very beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. 🙂

    She has a dog, too, that I’ve adopted–kind of like a step dad. Canine companionship is definitely a plus!!

    I’m sorry to have missed the picnic today…the pics look great, and it looks like it was a lot of fun. Are there going to be any more events?

    • MW, it seemed like a month ago to me! It’s interesting to me to know how people 1st connected.
      Yes, there will be more of this blogger events. This was the 3rd in just the past 4mths!! Unbelievable. We’re working on another which should happen between May & Aug. You & your wife are now on the EInvite List! 🙂

    • Jennifer, you look even better in person.
      KB, I’ll let you go on P/R before me. You brot your normal graceful self.
      P: short visit by your standards! I here you closed the park down!

  6. CO:
    Thanks for the invitation to see your fine photos! I think you all had some fun. Would love to have crashed that party but Ken Mac did NOT swing down here and pick me up. MEN!

  7. It was nice to catch up with everybody and meet a couple of bloggers I hadn’t met before. Plus it was a beautiful location. Great job, organizers!

    • I saw U2, MF, and many others 2. But, I had little time to eat, meet, & shoot, before I had to hit the road back down the hill.
      SC: Well, a few of your favs. I did it mainly for you, and the others, following behind you!!