OLD Pasadena

:There’s a new blog in the old town

The Old Pasadena Blog

At last, that area of the city is old enuf to have it’s own official blog.   The Old Pasadena Management District (OPMD) actually had this blog for months but it’s been just parked away in their garage with no driver or riders.  They’re now mature enuf & of age to drive it out in public, don’t ya think?

Back in the last century, in the pre-roaring 90’s, Old Pasadena didn’t have much going right for it beyond the annual visits by Santa Claus & The Queen of The Rose Parade.

Most of us around here know this area now as a heavily trafficked,   high parking, heavy pedestrian, high rent, and the tourist/visitor district relative to the resta Pasadena.

I may have helped kick or jump start their blog  by encouraging   the OPMD to take it out on the road -finally – and reminding them they have a blog.   I recommended they place a deadline to put up their first posting – just wanted the district to blog sooner rather than later.

Or, as Jill DD of Eye Level Pasadena once encouraged  (ok, told) me: “Enuf already… Just Do It!!”   Right.  Just get it running now, and tune it up later.  Well,  in Cafe Pasadena’s Believe or Not!, the district actually met the deadline with a timely premiere post for Art Night!

Congrats to them!  It’s all downhill, wine & cheeze, parties, and all you can eat from here forward.  (And, regular maintenance with postings and interaction with other local blog/web-sites!)  I recommend Pasadena area websites place the new blog on its local blog listings.

The OPMD has really made the big time with having it’s own official Old Pasadena Blog!  It should help that part of Pasadena communicate with those within, and outside, their district.  So, come visit Old Pasadena because you haven’t really seen it all until you’ve seen what’s new!

Ok, enuf barking by me.  Gotta run, gotta sniff out my next meal…


6 responses to “OLD Pasadena

    • I suggested how they could handle that. Their staff of 5 ! Imagine if we had a blog staff!! But, it should be someone(s) with a good knowledge of OlePasa.

      Woooow!! That’s Hi praise coming from the PA! Thanks.

    • Thank you very much for helping us get the word out there. And, of course, to Cafe Pasadena for your “jumpstart” and words of encouragement! The deadline was met!

      We are a small office of 5 dedicated to the “management” of Old Pasadena: cleaning, safety, parking operations, marketing & promotion, and events. Our team will (hopefully) all be submitting posts about current goings-on and musing about our past, and future.