A quick bark out to y’all about the formerly Unemployed One!

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I notice so many blogs start out like rabbits and in small time end up as a turtle. Or worse, a dead turtle, aka INACTIVE or LIFELESS. Postings become far & infrequent. The blogging road is filled with good intentions & potholes of buried blogs. They may still live on… but only in blog rolls, in name only. What mystery overtook these poor blokes, uh, blogs? Huh, that’s a subject for a new blog right there, or at least a new novel!

But, that’s not the case with our loco rookie blogger Jennifer, formerly Unemployed in Pasadena. You who were brave enuf to come to our last Pasadena area blogger/foodie Secret Society Meeting will remember meeting her there.

Some of you may recall Jennifer recently became employed again. Yes, you heard that right. Hey, whatya expect, it’s tough in these economic times. I hope this new gig works out great for her. And now, she’s back, from a little vacation south of the border, to show us, her new blog in her brave new employed world:


I recommend you add her new blog to your roll. With her early postings, I’m already LIKING it! Check out her Date Nite & Salsa Lessons publishing’s. Entertaining, if not fingernail-biting reading. No, these are MUST readings! And, she’s turning out to be yet another female shutterladybug I envy. Damn it! What’s this dog to do??

Ok, I’ve done my good deed for the day.



9 responses to “SHE’S BACK !!!

  1. nTash: U R very, very nice.
    LA: don’t U wish U were as cool as me!
    KB: well, I’m still outnumbered & outshot.
    MF: ed note – I prefer the word commentors
    kCh: No way am I keeping track of all U loco bloggers.