KOGI Korean BBQ Taco Truck

Last night, Wednesday, my best foodie friend ET,  and I, hunkered down in the cold & sprinkles of,  Eagle Rock. On Eagle Rock Blvd.

With about 100 other fanatics in line, so this had better be good. Fans of the just months old new eatery about town: The Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck. With this taco truck you follow its whereabouts on the internet via its website and Twitter. A relatively small number this night. The lineup in past stops has been known to reach into the hundreds!!

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck

If you haven’t heard about it, it’s understandable. Like I said – it’s only a few months old. And, it’s only been covered in the dying newspaper industry rags such as the LA & NY Times. And the BBC, LA Weekly’s Jonathan Gold, Newsweek, numerous blogs, television, and so on.

But, now I can’t keep it from some of you no more. I had better mention it. It’s been described as America’s first viral eatery, and Korean BBQ to go. There I’ve done it! That’s about all for now: I forgot to take my camera with me on this food adventure. Something I’ve been forgetting lately.

I also almost forgot to leave with ET! Waiting for her to finish her job down the block here in Pasadena. Just didn’t want to be late for the Kogi taco truck food party even if it meant having to leave her behind! Oh, I know she was coming. But, I was a leaving if she didn’t come quick. She came, & we headed down the freeways to Eagle Rock.

As I said, just a mention now, but much, much more in a later post


This is an Asian/Korean version of the taco trucks you commonly see in Latin neighborhoods & businesses. A fusion of the Korean/Latin food cultures over tacos & burritos.

Our wait in line, in the cold/rain, took about an hour from getting in line to receiving our food. When we arrived there were already about a dozen ahead of us waiting for the truck to open up for bizness. When we left there were still about 50 in line.

“Well, was it worth the wait, is it good?” Yes. Better & different than your average taco. How does meat marinated Korean BBQ style sound? Or, a tofu taco?

Would I go again? Yes. ET seconds that. She says Mexican cuisine may be her fav. Oh yeah, she’s Asian, with a brunch of experience eating out in Asian countries. I know her to be stingy with the compliments to food as much as me.

Should you go? Yes, again. Don’t let the fact that most of those in line will be Hispanic & Asian, and probably younger than you ( In their 20’s) stop you from joining the Kogi line one day. There still will be a cross-section of all types in this line up! The common denominator will be the continued search, and found, of good cheap eats!

More on the Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck & Kogi culture later. Like after a return visit…with my camera.


17 responses to “KOGI Korean BBQ Taco Truck

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  2. You amaze me! An hours wait in COLD & RAIN! I’ll wait that long, maybe, if I’m sitting in my car, maybe…
    I so sympathize with you all in Pasadena over the trees being decimated. When Amy, our golden, takes us for a walk now (did I get that right this time?) we see the torn up ground where beautiful pine trees used to be…just so a stupid concrete tennis court would not crack!

    • nTash, yes you got it right! We K9’s have been self-trained to search, find, and wait for our food in whatever the conditions!
      Most everyone who hears about the destruction of our carrotwood & ficus trees is sad & angry with the short-sighted decision of the “leaders” here. That’s what we get, since most of us don’t seem to have given any effort to prevent it.
      PS, I sent an answer to your question to me last nite.

  3. I really MUST start visiting your posts every day… I hate to think I might miss another one as good as this!!

    I say, don’t go hungry, go for the happening… that way, the long wait for eats can be enjoyed soaking up the ambiance, and the meal at the end of the wait can be icing on the… tacos!

    Isn’t that the way all good doggies do things?

  4. Kogi! Never tried the food, but they graciously agreed to sponsor lunch for an event that I am helping organzie REBarCampLA on 4/2. Hilton Pasadena is giving us a hard time and is refusing to allow them to park anywhere next to Hilton. Any ideas? We’re working on it though.

    After reading this post, I have to figure out a way to get them there!

    You are always ahead of everyone else Mike!

    • Irina, you weren’t kidding -you are an adventurous foodie! Kogi is a great idea if you think your campers would be into something like that. They want pre-approval before they will come park in an area. The Hilton of course is concerned with competition to their in-house restaurants, parking, etc.
      But, with you & me – we’ll eat somewhere else.
      Any ideas? Well, money always gets people to listen!

  5. Oh man I’m sooo jealous! We tried to go on Tuesday night and arrived 5 minutes after they had stopped taking orders.

    I plan to try and go again. (yeah, try, try, again, bw) SO MUCH HYPE!

    • BW, it was worth our hour wait, even indie cold, wind, & rain! Looks like the next time they’ll be near our area is this Sat 5-8pm in Rosemead. With BOTH trucks! So, they’re apparently thinking of people like you who try to come fashionably late.

    • Goddess Marg, we tried basically everything on the menu last nite: tacos of every variety, a kimchee quesadila, a slider, burritto, and…that’s all I can recall now!

  6. I’ve heard so many horror stories from foodie friends who waited in line for two hours, they were three away from the head of the line and they ran out of meat. Can you imagine?

    Two hours – no way. One hour – I could do that, especially after I saw the video on Newsweek.com. The marinade that it soaks in on day looks amazing!

    • Well, shortage is a risk when you visit a mobile truck…with hundreds in line! You take your risks & make your choices. With good cheap eats, at least 100 of us took it last nite – in the cold, wind, and rain!
      It was a good choice.
      SC, the truck just happened to stop about a mile down from my Auntie Em’s! – another place you need to ck out, remember? The hour went quick.

  7. An hour? Eek.

    Korean — now that’s something I have yet to try. I know there’s lots of Korean restaurants in Manila so I have no excuse. And about your question: yes, the Vietnamese food was as tasty as it looked! I want to go back too.

    Thank you for your visit! 🙂