Post Rose Parade Pre-Parade

I have enuf pictures of the 2009 Tournament of Roses parade & parties to be able to be a Daily Photo blogger through 2010! Unfortunately, that wouldn’t even be enuf to outlast this economic repression. Taking that turn would also lead my readers to turn against the parade! So, for now just a batch of the parade route the day & night before:


Early birds either lottery winners, without a job, or with time on their hands. Meanwhile, even the Palms were staking out their spots.




Heat in de Night


P1000843 P1000824

Pasadena Manor has been closed now for at least a year. Their residents have been moved out.


Lakewood's Ladies For Sale

Lakewood Ladies For Sale!


P1000811 P1000822


Petrea was Here

My online conscience, Pasadena writer/actress/hiker/cafe-hunter/tour-goer/house-hunter, aka blogger Petrea, has quite a large groupie following. They follow her every picture such as to this cafe she recently posted about.





These beautiful shade providing, air cleaning, trees have recently been cut down by the city. This part of Colorado Blvd now looks somewhat hard & cold at the moment, even as the heat begins to bear down on the pedestrians. I guess involving a lot of brainpower to come up with the proper decision on these trees can turn out to be too many brains, and a curse…



13 responses to “Post Rose Parade Pre-Parade

  1. My parade experience, this year, consisted of driving down Colorado the night before to show my 7 year old daughter the crowd. We do it each year. This year my Prius was bombarded with tortiallas and shaving cream. My husband got the task of washing the car when we got home 😉

  2. There are at least two furniture stores with those signs on Colorado. And that’s not all. So we’re not exactly narrowing it down.

    • P, I agree with you – no weren’t not! When I 1st saw this pic I couldn’t recall where on Colorado we were! Now, it was friends & I who ate on top at a Pizza joint. But, I don’t recall the name at this moment. I’ll find out.

    • MF, they say ginkgo’s & palms. The replacement trees there now are branches that make a skeleton look fat. Just about everyone who has heard about this has been against the killing of the ficus/carrotwoods. This couldn’t have been the best decision…