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Colorado Blvd Chopping

Per the Pasadena Star News, supporters of the majestic Colorado Boulevard trees now ask for two things: “For a big turnout Monday (2/23/09) at 6:30pm, City Council Chambers, 100 N. Garfield Ave., Pasadena, during Public Comment. And for an immediate moratorium on the removal of all (safe) street trees until a real forestation plan is put in place.”

Sure, the Ficus tree may not be the best tree for this part of Pasadena.  But, many people have doubts if the chosen replacement trees are, in the net, going to be much better.

Can you imagine if the city were to decide to next take their chainsaws to mow down the Ficus  on Green St?!

How could this happen in Pasadena? In the Playhouse District?? In a “Green” friendly city? Can it be because we didn’t care for even a minute.

How sad. Shame on us. Isn’t it a pity…



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    • Hey, Abby! Thanks for your support. We gotta get you up in Pasadena again. Maybe you can ride along with NT next time she visits! Love your work – very informative.

  1. I don’t know what gets into people – to care more about cracked concrete than beautiful old trees. I’m still mourning the 2 pine trees that have been here since the 70’s that were cut down in our complex because the root may crack the tennis court slab – who cares?!
    I’m glad someone is at least trying to stop the madness in Pasadena!

  2. KB, thanks for your support.
    Patsy & Pa: thanks for your view. Yet, calling this tree an “arbor thug” is missing the point. It simply was not the best match for this particular area. Now, we hope if the city/biz continues in their chainsaw ways that at least they will come up with trees that are a great match for our area. Palms & ginkgoes are hardly an improvement when all is considered. Ginkgoes are even described as having “a disagreeable odor!”
    MG: thanks for your support. Any tree songs up your sleeve?

  3. I’m sorry to hear this was done on the Sly. I also understand the affection folks might have towards these trees but I for one will not be sorry to see them go. They are arbor thugs brought to southern California by the landscape designer who did Disneyland. They seemed like a good idea but they have a ton of drawbacks. They’re filthy requiring the city to steam clean the walk, they drop some kind of nut that you can slip on (law suit), they’re water hungry (money) and their roots turn up side walks and invade the water pipes (money). There are better choices.

  4. Seems you be only one guy in the room (your header) The under wire of the bra of creativity huh?…I don’t know, seem to me you came up with an interesting metaphor for a guy who claims to be boring and stable.
    The Ficus argument… personally, I can’t stand them. At least a hearing is being scheduled in Pasadena. In downtown L.A. they just lopped the heads off and left the trunks sticking four feet up. No one complained except Kim Abeles.

  5. Thanks for posting this Mike, and I’m sorry I didn’t see it until this morning. I think it’s such a tragedy. And whatever they replace these lovely old guys with, it can never replace the age and history they carried within them.

  6. So, Ann, still no moratorium exists? Then, between now & next week’s council meeting it seems the trees can continue to be cut down? If so, will there even be reason for Pasadena tree supporters to discuss a moratorium with their, “representatives,” at Citihall. That’s no moratorium.

    Thanks, Marg. You’re input is always appreciated.
    KCH: You’re nearby in LaCanada Flintrdige. Ck out the remaining Ficus trees in the Playhouse District on Colorado before they’re chainsawed into becoming another one of those wunderful things that used to be here.

  7. As of a few minutes ago, during the City Council meeting, the council asked for an agenda item for next week’s meeting so they can consider putting a moratorium on the taking down of healthy trees until a consistent policy can be put in place.