Another Blogger Gathering, in AltaDena!

Yes, you heard that right. We try to have these local get togethers at least every few months. So, if you couldn’t make it the past two months, dare to meet the faces behind the blog, behind the computer monitor, next month!

March 28th, 12noon – 4pm @ Farnsworth Park in Altadena

Here are the brief facts as of today, 2/15/09:

Tim & I with the Alta Hiker

The Alta Hiker with Tim & I

Just received confirmation yesterday. This time the folks up north (Altadena) will carry the load of organizing this one. (Thank God, I’ll take the break). It will be very welcomed to have the Altadenayke’s playing host to the resta us – “Karin, can you BBQ us another of your pigs & bring us the bacon over here, please!!”, “Susan, can you make us a couple more of your tasty BLTA’s, right away, please!”

I’ve dined or hiked, with three of the organizers: Karin de AltaDena Hiker, Tim de AltaDena Blogger, and Susan de AltaDena Open Mouth Insert Forker. So, they can be trusted…if not with your money, then at least with putting on a great picnic in de park – rain or shine!

It’s gonna be a potluck picnic so good luck if you aren’t good in the kitchen. Still, please bring a potluck dish to share with your local blogger’s, especially with this getting hungry dog. If there’s free food around you can bet I’m gonna try to make it even if it’s in the middle of my busy tax season!

So, if you think you can picnic that day, need more info, or just wanna RSVP, please email (not to me) either: (Karin de AltaDena Hiker) (Tim de AltaDena Blogger)

Ok, gotta go, gotta run, suddenly I have this appetite for a BLTA sandwich….



16 responses to “Another Blogger Gathering, in AltaDena!

  1. All the above plus one: my unpaid job.
    That’s one of your best comments, KB. Another plus: if you don’t wanna cook I suggest you bring some of these appetizers to our potluck picnic!

  2. MG, you’re lovely and,…dreamy!
    Marg, if you’re there it should be a delight.
    TR: On the left – R U sure? What does that make KB then…
    KB: Hmmm…sounds like you got to get out more.
    Dez: Just RSVP per above. But since you can cook, as far as I’m concerned you’re automatically in!