EMPLOYED in Pasadena!

All things must pass…

Sad but true. Unfortunately, that means one of my fav blogs & bloghers of many a week, if not decades Jennifer de Unemployed One in Pasadena

Why is Jennifer smiling? You're losing your Freedom, girl!

is soon gonna be off the market. She’s found another employer to hire her. Divorced the unemployed. So, she’s gonna give a new employer a chance to impress.

In these economic daze of layoffs, there are always those who want to buck the trend & go against the flow, don’t wanna follow the masses. In this case, that’s Jennifer. While the true blue American way of today is to be losing your old job,  Jennifer is doing the unthinkable – finding & beginning a new job!

Thank God for Obama, he can now say he created at least one new job! May this marriage between her & the new job be truly made in heaven, and may they live in work together happily ever after.

I’m gonna see if Jennifer wants to have a small celebration in honor of her leaving the unemployment lines!

Nevertheless, we’re gonna miss out on all her entertaining unemployment stories. I’m gonna miss her availability when I was unavailable, as in last month when I couldn’t get free from my So Pasadena Tournament of Roses party to go to a Pep Rally, which she sacrificially attended.

Plus, no chance for the deep answers to the shallow questions of vocation, employment, truth, justice, and the meaning of life amid a good & plenty amount of free time to live it up. That’s a very high cost she’s asking us all to pay just so she can make some money!

It’s unthinkable. Is this the kind of change we wanted, not to mention can believe in??

Thus, the time is ripe for our occasional Question of the Week:

What should Jennifer name her new blog?


13 responses to “EMPLOYED in Pasadena!

  1. Well, you guys – I mean gals, the consensus is EMPLOYED in PASADENA. Y’all are so imaginative & creative! But, that’s the title of my post. 2nd, I dunno if her new occupation is IN Pasadena. It could be, god forbid, o/s of Pasadena – like in So Pasa!
    Anyway, as I mentioned to Jennifer, hopefully it isn’t something where she needs to be in her car a lot.
    Jen may come up with something even better.

  2. I like “Employed in Pasadena” too. Jennifer can keep her current url and just change the title of the blog.

    Congratulations, Jennifer!