Pasadena Community Organizer

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings everyone in this festive holiday inaugural season! May it never end.

In sync with the season, this past Sunday saw Pasadena area foodies & blogger’s attending our occasional group gathering, at Bren Art Wine Bar & Restaurant, in Ye Olde Pasadena, followed by an annual parade.



With the Internet people have a remarkable new way to communicate with each other. Needless to say, too often we remain behind our computer monitors instead of using the Internet to Interconnect with people face 2 face. In the Pasadena area we are using the computer/internet age to enhance an ancient form of connection: meeting each other in flesh & blood! We can call our ancient form the Pasadena Greet/Meet/Eat gatherings.

We gather because we have chosen closeness over distance, unity of purpose over going it alone. You might call it creating unity in de community and me a community organizer! My foodie buddy, ET, gives me support as needed. And, with breakfast at 10am & the Doo Dah parade following at 11:30, I had to be sure everything went off as close to schedule as possible.

This just recently started, but the car is finally on the road. We will tune this up as we receive responses to the ride from the passengers. We remain a young group, but in the words of wisdom, the time has come to grow.

I made a connection with Chef Yi-Fan of BrenArt last year while he was picking up bread from my favorite Pasadena hangout, Euro Pane Bakery & Cafe. Although he has cooked around the globe, he is a local lad grad of Pasadena’s California Culinary School of Culinary Arts who has come back home. He and his staff were gracious, patient, and even opened early just for our private breakfast party.

By my count 19 -20 of us woke up to show up at Bren Art. Some in our group such as Susan, Queen Julie, and Kelly were making a respectable spectacle in the parade & hence could only pitstop to say, “Hi!”

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In attendance:

author Margaret, Pasadena city PIO Ann Erdman, Pasadena blogger Jennifer, two Disney characters: Vanda of Toadberry fame and art director Stephane with his wife, website developer Kathy, author Dianne with hubby, my online conscience Pasadena’s daily photographer & actress Petrea with hubby, Erliana my foodie buddy/multi-tasker/good friend, Karin Altadena’s Hiker, co-worker & friend CPA Alice, Publisher/Editor Colleen, So Pasa’s Mr. Earl, Palos Verdes daily photographer the elegant Natasha, writer blogger Kelly, foodie blogger Susan, and Cafe Pasadena. If I missed someone besides the last minute cancellations such as the reclusive german shepherd Cafe Observer, my apologies, just let me know.

They saw each other as bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions & interests; greater than all the differences of blog style & food preference. Connection is never a given. It must be given time, patience, & then shared.

Eat L.A., a new foodie book, published by Pasadena’s Prospect Park Books is a major source for our restaurant exploration. Last month at their Vroman’s book signing I gave it a positive endorsement – I bought the book. Publisher Colleen Dunn Bates is part of our group and was very kind to give us a little spiel on this invaluable new book.

This community organizing isn’t something you start & finish in a day. As the world population grows larger, our common humanity & interests in our little Pasadena area shall reveal itself. I wholeheartedly appreciate my fellow blogger’s/foodie’s for attending, their patience, and supporting our efforts to provide an additional road to community and connection.

Until next time, gotta go, gotta run,…have to hit a Cafe!



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