Doo Dah Parade 2009

The occasional “adult” (some would say “child”) version of the Rose Parade, the Doo Dah Parade, splashes on the scene this Sunday, January 18th beginning at 11:30am. What doo ya mean “another” parade? Hey, we’re still in the holiday season this month, and every month! So….

In my opinion the big highlight is the selection & crowning of the Queen. This year the winner is Julie Klima. A recent grad of the Art Center College of Design and a professional photographer. (Is it me or is there an overabundance of female shutterbugs?)

Julie, aka Queen Skittles, was kind or Doo Dahhed enuf, to ask me to be in her Royal court. Fortunately, the option of photographing beautiful her & the crazy paraders was an irresistible lure over me taking the stage in a parade. camera

But, I’m not turning down the opportunity to publicize Julie & De Doo Dah Parade this Sunday! She gave me a copy of the flyer below to expose to the masses in a last ditch effort to get the word out. It was designed with assistance of her aunt, Joy Allen, a well know children’s book illustrator.

The latest with her & the Doo Dah is she will be on television, KTLA Channel 5, this Friday morning, sometime between 6 & 9am. They’ll be reporting from a Pasadena restaurant…maybe one I’ve visited.


Before the parade, some of us Pasadena area “interneters”, etc., will be meeting for brunch. Despite her busy schedule with the parade, Queen Julie is gonna make an attempt to stop by & say, “Hi”, to us, her royal subjects!

Come one, come all! To the Parade. See y’all there!

Until then, I gotta go, gotta run…


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