South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Party

Updated! I was never satisfied with this posting when it was first published on the first of the new year. It was a rush to press job, as well as a first draft. And it showed as far as I was concerned. So, here is a cleaner revision of the original. Hopefully, I can now sleep better!

While my good friend, Pasadenan Jennifer, was at the Glendale Americana shopping town Monday nite doing a big favor for me covering the big USC pep rally, and will be at the Rose Bowl game today, I sneaked in across the border into South Pasadena under cover of darkness to see how the primitives were living.

And, what a coincidence! That nite The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee (SPToR) was having their final fundraiser & party for the supporters & members of the SPToR, like me and a couple of friends. At the War Memorial Building. Prior to arriving, I asked a couple of So Pasa friends for suggestions on where to find parking in such a poor parking area. They couldn’t help so I expected to park closer to Alhambra than the party. I lucked out! Found a spot not only next to the building but also right next to the Rose float under construction!!

SPToRSPToR Party p1000792

Here is the program which was magically designed by my good, selfless friend & SPToR member, SM. She is a beautiful person inside & out! As a matter of fact I can say the same for LM, another SPToR member & friend of ours. Unfortunately for me these girls are married. smile_sad Oh well, I didn’t say they were perfect!

The dinner started with the MC, Ted Shaw, whose wife Joan was co-chair of this wild party, and other speakers introducing So Pasa dignitaries such as the city council, and the mayor.

As I get ready to publish this story, I can hear the people, vehicles, horns, “Go USC !!”, pre-parade show, & noise down below on Colorado as they prepare for fun in the sun, uh cold, overnite to welcome New Year’s with the best event in the world – our Tournament of Roses Parade! I’m a parade supporter but not much of a goer. Some homo sapiens will claim to dislike the whole Rose Bowl/Parade festivities to the point of wishing it would go somewhere else. There are always those people who will find any imperfection to pick on. I used to have the same attitude. Ironically, it’s this kind of attitude which keeps people apart. Just another sad & sorry sign of the days we’ve allowed to sprout. We are all kinds of people coming together through time, work, funds, sacrifice, & love to put this one of a kind, once a year special the world most looks forward to beginning their new year. Killjoys and party poopers we will always have among us. The Pasadena area is the best & these events & its people is what draws the world here looking for something to brighten their day or life, if even just the hope of it.

Lobby-War Memorial SoPas


Back in So Pasa, people began trickling in to the lobby to sign in & meet/greet prior to the big eat dinner event. This pre-Dinner cocktail hour featured Hor D’oeuvres, Cocktails, and an opportunity to bid on items donated for the silent auction. And it must’ve been good because you can see the table afterwards!

P1000808 P1000741

Dinner was a buffet catered by Pasadena’s organic Elements Kitchen. Above is the menu which looked good. It tasted even better! Here is the line-up at the buffet tables. A few table numbers were called out at a time to come & get it. As usual, I’m at the end of the line hoping for whatever leftovers the hundreds of others left for me.

P1000742SPToR Party p1000743

My SPToR friends sat me at their table – only one of the last tables called, of course. Finallllly, my turn to eat. Wait – how did my girlfriends get in front of me!? At my table were all women, xcept for one guy who probably was brought by leash by his wife! My table-mates were in the real estate, artistic/creative, anti-terrorism, and loan vocations. Just the typical crowd. As you can see above, these are anything but leftovers! I shoulda gone back for 2nds but I was too busy listening to the speakers and taking shots. Ahem, not too busy to eat the flourless chocolate cake for dessert – which I forgot to photo, not to eat.


Brother remains seated!

Brother remains seated!

This tasted as good as it looked! As everybody chowed down, whatever free time our mouths had was for chit-chatting. It wasn’t easy to hear with a room full of human beings and someone with a microphone. Above shows people are rising up to give a standing ovation to Ted Shaw for the all the work he has contributed to the South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee.

SPToR Party p10007641

2010 Float Design Applications

I stepped out into the lobby to check out the coffee & found this Christmas Tree with a sign. Sorry, So Pasa’s, but you have some work to do to even think about getting close to our Christmas Tree at Pasadena City Hall!

SPToR Party p1000765a

SPToR Partyp1000766

Outside looking in, snapping away at the dinner party.

P1000768 P1000776

After the party we went outside to view the work on the City of South Pasadena’s self-built float, called “Nature’s Entertainment.” We were outside for 30 minutes & it felt cold. Although they are the oldest self-built float in the parade, this year they were placed as the last float in the parade. Maybe that’s why this year two new engines to power the float were bought!

Welcome to the Rose Parade!

Out of the Womb: Welcome into the Rose Parade!

All of us who had some part in getting this wunderful float cruising down the boulevard should be proud. Applications are now available from the SP ToR for the new 2010 float design contest.

Happy New Year to my Local Blogger’s & to All & One!



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  1. Marg, a So Pasa couldn’t have said it better! Mayberry sounds better than a lot of other towns, big and small.
    PA, with people like Laurie living there I can understand them calling it the land of Oz, and Harriet. But, letting in this german shepherd to help out with their Rose Float association is gonna ruin their reputation.