Rose Bowl Game Pep Rally!

I accidentally heard on Monday morning about a pep rally the new Americana shopping mall in Glendale was having last night for the USC football team in preparation for their Rose Bowl match versus Penn State.

My first thought was, “well I gotta make it. Fight On!” My 2nd thought was, “oh, hell, but I’m already going to the final year end South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Committee party tonite!” This was truly mission impossible where I couldn’t be at both places at the same. I first called my good friend, ET, hoping she was available to drive over the hill to snap a a couple pics at the USC pep rally. But, knowing she probably wasn’t available – right on, on that one, unfortunately.

Then, I remembered my other Pasadena friend of many, many, many, years if not days, Jennifer, who despite having gone to grad school, suddenly was voluntarily deciding it was time to try becoming unemployed in Pasadena! for a time. She is a giant USC fanatic who bcuz of a fringe benefit of unemployment might just be interested & available to snap a few pics for me as well as for her cathartic collection. If she could do it, she would do it. And she can do it! Yes, right on!, on that one, fortunately.

Therefore, because of her kindness & good heart, I am now able to present a couple of my, uh her, pics from the Glendale pep rally:

more after christmas, rose bowl 306 Glendale PepRally

The Americana was packed with our fans! Even, Jennifer de USCer she is couldn’t get close enuf to all the action happening with the thousands in attendance.

GlendalePep Rally1

For some reason, I wish she had gotten a bunch of up close & personal shots of these.


I felt kinda guilty asking Jennifer to go out in the shivering cold & try to keep her camera image still. Majestic Traveler probably also is asking why he’s out at night in such weather.

I hope this rally gives us the edge to grasp victory on Thursday in the Rose Bowl game against the Nittany Lioners.

I also recommend you check out Jennifer’s new blog she just started this month. She has some insights & postings up already which you may find interesting or humorous to read on a regular basis.

Ok, this is a 1st draft but I gotta go, gotta run, too much to do. rose_wilted


4 responses to “Rose Bowl Game Pep Rally!

  1. I see you’ve gone from being a sad puppy to a happy puppy. Must be because everyone loves a parade! I do. While I’m at it let me drop the name of Fiesta float designer Raul Rodriguez. A CSLB art department fellow alumni. Shhh, don’t tell the other bloggers. I have a soft spot for the Rose Parade. meow

  2. We are here up above the parade route. If it were up 2 me, I’d rather sleep in my bed. Anyway, a bark out to you on this comment. I recommend you put it up on you blog!
    YP, Yakpy New Years & we gotta see each other in ’09!

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