Elaboration: Pasadena Daily Photo

A few days ago my good friend & trusty collaborator – Dr. Burchard – aka Pasadena Daily Photo, aka Petrea, published a post on her blog about our work called Cohabitation, or Collaboration(?), or something like that. I’m unclear on the exact specifications.

Ok, fine. And now…the rest of de story! This is an addendum or conundrum to her post, or an Elaboration, or something like that. I’m unsure on the specifics.

I had been to the official Christmas Tree Lighting at Pasadena City Hall earlier this month. One purpose was to document via photography this Christmas tradition.

One problem that night was Ann, de official Pasadena city Public Info Officer (PIO), was there  keeping an eye out for dogs with cameras. That could only mean me. smile_speedy Apparently, allowing this canine in was controversial. Whenever I showed the camera, she simply showed up outta the catacombs of Citihall & into my picture – sending shivers through my already pre-frozen cold paws. All but rendering my image stabilizer useless.

Ann de PIO

I see you Doggy!

Now take away the pic shooter from de K9 & PIO Ann is the most wonderful woman you could meet, a beautiful representation or representative (one of those words) of the city. So, this event did not go as smooth as I had hoped. I couldn’t run free, snapping away, barking at the masses of humans to get their as___s outta my way so I could get unobstructed shots.

Apparently Doc Burchard had given The PIO her own illnesses in the past. In fact, Ann had warned me recently to, “be very wary of any advice Dr. Burchard gives you…The woman creeps me out!” (Sounds like the intervention with MH or MG may have gone all wrong. All I know is MH’s site is no more!) Hmmm…I dunno that side of the good doctor. The only thing I know is she’s a loner who loves people, a home buddy who loves to travel, my online conscience, and primarily a lover of dogs.

Suddenly being in the company of Pasadena’s Big Sister checking me out and the apparently creepy, but radical, Dr. Burchard wasn’t feeling so warm & comfy anymore. I will now begin watching out for my tail when these women are around.

Nonetheless, with tail held high both de Doc & I planned to do our “dirty work” of photoging the Pasadena City Hall & its Christmas Tree under cover of Laurie’s darkness & when the PIO was away from her office. Like on a cold weekend nite with no one around…and she was down in San Diego! You’ve already seen the photo we took with her (Petrea) tripod & my camera, with the City Hall reflected in the water. But have you seen this secret, behind the scenes shot of her in the corner:

Petrea at Work Hurry Petrea! – Ann might be coming around the corner at any second!! and I just have a flannel shirt!!!

Some of you may know Dr. Burchard is also a professional actress/writer, i.e., a renaissance woman (or, is it amazon woman); I’m sorry I’m justa dog pawing at these “people” words.  Well, as great a pic Petrea put up on her Collaboration post, I think I’ve done the mission impossible here with this photo: catching her while simultaneously doing her behind the camera AND in front of the camera work!! It’s part of my vast multi-wing bag of photography tricks & treats.

And so, that’s the rest of the story: my elaboration on her collaboration.

PS: As we close out 2008 I look back into this year to see I’ve given too much print space on my blog to Petrea. As if she needed my website to publicize her shenanigans! She’s too good to need me. Besides, she has her paparazzi. How she was able to do that right under my long sharp smell dog nose I dunno. Humans – we gotta watch them! This is also a time for making New Years resolutions. So, one resolution will be to make Cafe Pasadena a Petrea-Free blog zone in 2009! Yes, your big ears heard that right. To hear this, I know some of you other female blogger’s will feel like you just met your Mr. Right, or at least won de lottery. I’m sure you will now wanna cozy up to me, pet me & promise to give me more than dog food in hopes of becoming my favorite pet on my blog for 2009. You know how to reach me. I pray I can keep this resolution bcuz I have a backlog of unpublished postings! You’ll probably never see me as one of those insane daily photo blogger’s.

As I look out my window onto Colorado Blvd, already I can see they are now here. It’s already beginning to look like New Years Eve with the Winnebago’s. Yes, you heard that right. They are already staking out my valuable parking spaces!! Anything but Lazy Daze 4 me. Well, it will be all over in another week – then it will start looking like income tax season. Thus, as Little Laurie would say: “Keep Hope Alive!” rose_wilted


7 responses to “Elaboration: Pasadena Daily Photo

  1. And, I’m scratching my head on what I just heard on the news this morning: the City of Pasadena is gonna be towing all vehicles parked within a block of Colorado Bl for the parade??! Either the reporter got it wrong or I heard it wrong. Else, that’s a big new deal this year!

    Tim & (Deb): So, it really was you? If I were sure u were bak I wooda stopped 2 say, Hi! I passed you guys by so fast I wasn’t sure. Like I said: I thought you were just celebrity look-alikes 4 the real things! Next time. Happy/Wealthy New Years!

  2. HEY! You know – we actually are back. We went home for an early Christmas and actually got back on the 19th – so most likely it WAS us you saw on Green Street. We were doing some shopping and we love walking Green. So pretty. Haha I must say I’m quite flattered that I’m a good looking comedian 🙂 You should have said hey. Oh well – next time. Merry Christmas!

  3. If I don’t get to be on your blog in all of 2009, then I can forget about the huge New Year’s Day feature I was planning to do about you.

    Ann wouldn’t let you take pictures at the ceremony? Vicious taskmaster, that PIO.

    The pic of me taking a pic: great shot.

    Happy New Year, C.O.