A belated Season’s Greetings….

Cafe Pasadena will be one of the last blogger’s to get into this whole Christmas thing. I wasn’t planning on blogging today so I better put together a few words ASAP in hopes of catching up.

Y’ all have been blogging & commenting about/with Christmas. Actually, I heard the first shot to start this Christmas season back in the summer!

Pasadena residence

Many radio stations & a couple of TV stations went into heavy rotation with the Christmas music as early as last month. Not to be outdone, KTLA started showing the 2008 Rose Parade on TV this morning! The 2008 version, i.e., last years. The Christmas of pop culture motivated me to blog about this at the last minute.

I’ve heard a lot of Christmasy things from Christmas trees, Santa Claus, feeding the homeless, baking sweets, last minute sales, day-after Christmas sales, love, peace on earth, depression, family gatherings & office parties. Others use Christmas day for the opening day of their movie, or a big sporting event. If I hear “happy holidays” two more times this year, I may ask the ACLU to sue to outlaw the expression!


And, then it’s we “gotta buy the Christmas presents.” Can’t depend on Santa Claus with this economy. So, shop, shop, until you drop. Spend, spend, until you either have no cash or credit available. But, at least crime stats are much lower on this date since we’re bizier & we’re helping the economies of the world!

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And on & off, ad nauseam. In a country where it’s 80% plus Christian – pseudo, neo, or authentic – Christmas is understandable. Charity, peace, love, truth, forgiveness, a new birth, fairness & justice are common themes in Christianity. It’s a source of the motivations which have drawn peoples from all backgrounds to our country with a vision of their own new birth, a new day, a better & new life. More immigrants are allowed into this country than by any other and many more risk coming here illegally – such is the draw of the hope cultivated on this land.

Christmas Tree Lighting-Pasadena Citihall San Marino residence

Yet, I wonder if an alien from another solar system, or someone just born yesterday, were to ask for an explanation of these goings-on which reach its crescendo on December 25th – what would I say? Queen Elizabeth gave her Christmas message. So did Pope Benedict.

Well, the above has already been said often, as well as from those who simply hate anything Christmas. It’s the usual stuff. So, I’ll give my brief Christmas message.

San Marino

I’m not gonna talk about the elections without mentioning McCain & Obama. Nor everything surrounding the presidential inauguration without saying the name of the Prezident-elect. Can’t talk about the Dodger season without me mentioning Manny Ramirez!

So, this dog will say what many of you humans rarely are canine enuf to mention around Christmas season – Jesus Christ. I tend to do things & say the stuff others are too shy to do or say. Why? Dunno, xcept it must be inwholegrained in my K9 personality. Come to think of it – Jesus was kinda like me in that way! Hohoho, Hohoho!!

City Hall, Pasadena

I know. One reason is you don’t want to offend anyone – in an 80%+ professing Christian country – outside of Jesus, if you claim him to be your spiritual master. Don’t wanna mention a master teacher of peace, love, & truth, to say the least. Hypocrites too many of us are. Well, at least I am. I take that back. Actually, we all fail to walk our talk perfectly. Everyone, except one. That’s a reason the world is a mess. We’re messed up people.

Atop Old Town Pasa

All this Christmasy stuff surrounding the celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus as depicted in the nativity, has turned into a cover. A covering of the whole reason for the season. Ironically, we often complain about losing the meaning of Christmas. So, at least for one day we may have a more peaceful day, people are a bit nicer to each other, another reason for getting together, a day-off, partying, shopping and gifts giving.

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However, if you’re not satisfied with the pop culture meaning and desire more depth to your Christmas, think about the the gift given by the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem thousands of years ago. You can begin by thinking about how much time you’ve spent studying all those subjects in our educational institutions compared to the amount of study time you’ve put into something which claims can lead to eternal life beyond the minute of time we have here in the history of this world.

Pasadena lights Sierra Madre

So, this was Christmas. And, what have we done & said?

Peace, Love, Understanding & Happy Holydays

Have Fun & Good Cheer

Happy Christmas & Seasons Greetings to One & Us All



2 responses to “A belated Season’s Greetings….

  1. Solstice is as ancient as the planet. No matter what’s going on in the minds of man at this time of year, we will look for something to celebrate because we need it. Same as the hiker says, as “deep and long as the history of humanity.”

    It’s okay to see through it. I think in some way many of us do. Maybe we get to a point where we seek a new tradition. That’s good, too.

  2. Why the long face puppy? I think the celebration of winter is as deep and long as the history of humanity. I’m not sure I care why it’s celebrated, but we do tend to treat each other more gently. We wave each other through intersections, let someone get in line ahead. Pat the heads of children and dogs. Give some extra money to those with the hardest jobs. It’s physically the hardest season on man and beast, and perhaps that’s why we try to make it a bit kinder.